ProMotion Shopping Cart Retriever

Attention! Retail & Grocery Store Owners - A New Shopping Cart Retiever that Will Save You Time, Hassles and Money 

If you are considering a new cart retrieval system or the replacement of your existing cart retrieval system, the new ProMotion™ system offers many advantages over existing systems. 

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ProMotion Has A Unique Modular Design

No Down Time: The ProMotion™ shopping cart retriever (which serves the function of a "cart mover" or "cart pusher" or "cart puller") has a metal box inside that can be separately taken out and repaired. We will loan you a different box while you wait for the repair, so you will not have any down time.

Money Savings: Collecting carts at your retail store is a time-intensive activity for your employees. It can also be an unpleasant task when it is very hot or very cold or raining or snowing. 

No Need for Technical Support: Our modular design is superior to existing shopping cart retrievers because it allows you to just change out replacement parts easily and quickly.

About the Cart Retrieval System

A cart retriever system is a device that can be used for gathering and recycling carts at a grocery or retail store. The retriever attaches to the back of the line of up to 40-50 shopping carts. 

After the retriever attaches the cart pusher to the back of the line of shopping carts, he or she  can steer the line of carts and use a remote control device to operate the retriever. The cart retriever pushes the line of carts from behind, following the direction that the operator steers as he or she guides them from in front.  After taking the line of carts to the front of the store, he or she can go out again to the parking lot with the shopping cart retriever to collect more carts.

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