Named as one of the top online marketing gurus "on the planet", Joan Holman helps business owners, authors and professionals create and execute business and marketing strategies for today's online world. She can assess your website and online presence including social media and make recommendations for improvements and enhancements that will contribute to your business success.

7 Ways to Improve Your Website

Joan Holman was one of the first people in the world to start developing websites way back in 1995. Today, every business and every professional needs to have a presence on the web. A good website can be the hub for all your online marketing, but many companies and professionals have very weak or outdated websites that do not attract, engage, or convert prospects.

How to Effectively Market Your Book in An Online World–Part 1: Your Author/Book Website

TODAY BOOK MARKETING IS PRIMARILY ONLINE MARKETING–I do tell the authors who hire me that book marketing today is primarily online marketing, so they need to have an online presence for their book in the form of a website. This can be an author website or a website just for the book, or both.

Why You Should Self Publish A Book

Have you heard the news? That self-publishing is exploding? That it has never been easier to self-publish and distribute your own book? That self-publishing is the future of publishing, with 75% of all books predicted to be self-published within five to ten years? Getting your book published in the past could be a long and hard road, and out of all the authors that tried, very few succeeded at actually getting a publisher. The process would involve writing an extensive book proposal and getting a literary agent, who would then try to sell your book to a publisher. And the odds were greatly against you ever being published. In fact, many books that became bestsellers were first rejected by dozens and dozens of publishers.

Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

Do You Want to Write A Book?

My Encounter with Oprah Winfrey

(article about how I personally met Oprah Winfrey)

 My Day with Oprah Winfrey  

(article about spending the day with Oprah at her all-day "Live Your Best Life" seminar that I attended)

My Encounter with Jesse Ventura(Jesse is the former Governor of the state of Minnesota and is currently the host of the television series "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV)

Be A Master of Something (Lessons from the Dog Whisperer)

Success Secrets to Accelerate New Possibilities

(summary site for Joan Holman speech given at Medtronic)

How To Do Great Business in Bad Times

Joan Holman Thoughts (on the journey of healing)

How Holistically Healthy Are You?

7 Steps to Help You Use the Secret Power of the Internet for Your Success

A Woman's Secret Power on the Internet

Joan Holman Personal Story about Success

How To Create Job Security in a De-jobbed World 

Create A Definite Chief Aim for Your Life 

(Learn how to write and use a specific statement about what you want to achieve in your life.)

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