Dear Success Seeker

This "Inspiring Story written by Joan Holman is Posted on the Web Site for the Book "Dear Success Seeker" by Michele Wright.  Joan Holman is Featured in the Book with Some of America's Most Accomplished & Noteworthy Women Including philanthropist and educator Camille Cosby, actresses Della Reese, Phylicia Rashad, Ruby Dee and Mo'Nique; tennis legend Billie Jean King; faith leaders Joyce Meyer, Johnnie Colemon and Shirley Ceasar; civil rights icon Rose Parks; Gayle King - Editor at Large for O, the Oprah Magazine & television and radio personality on the Oprah Show and Oprah & Friends Radio Program;  and singer Patti LaBelle.

Dear Success Seeker: Joan Holman, Minneapolis, Minnesota

When I was young, I was very ambitious and wanted to have grand achievements in my life. 

When I graduated from college, I secured a fantastic job and in less than a year, I was promoted to a very high level position. I loved my job and was quite successful in the eyes of the world. 

Although I was doing well in my work, I was not able to have a committed and close relationship with a man. I made work my life and lamented about not finding the "right man." 

Then, after a few years, I had a personal crisis that led me to get some counseling. 

My therapist helped me understand that my drive to succeed was based upon my ego’s need for achievement as an overcompensation for my core feeling of inadequacy. 

She also helped me realize that my inability to have a close relationship with a man was based upon these same feelings of inadequacy.

Working on my psychology was tough, but I had no other option if I wanted to find peace and self-acceptance. 

The rewards for doing this work were enormous. I began to feel genuine self-worth and have an inner peace I had never before experienced. 

My relationships improved and I met the love of my life and we got married.

New opportunities opened to me and my motive for achievement changed. Now it became about serving and being the best I could be, not for ego aggrandizement but in the true spirit of contributing to the greater good of my family and the community.

When I was asked to be included in the book Dear Success Seeker, I was so honored. I have read countless books on success over the years and many people focus just on material success. 

However, the messages in Dear Success Seeker set it apart because they have a depth and richness to them that go far beyond superficial success. 

The messages get to the real heart and soul of success, which is the mastery of one’s self and one’s life and the fulfillment of the God-given potential that lies within the soul of each individual. 

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