Cargo Rack - PRO III Low Roof Transit, NV & ProMaster, Std Roof Sprinter, GM


Sturdy and strong and can carry pretty much anything

Holman cargo racks are super strong and easy to use.

**Mount Kit Required**

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Weight 120.00 lbs Install Time (per one technician): 1.25 hr
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Pro III Medium Duty Cargo Rack - Full Size Vans

Designed for your low roof full size van

This versatile rack has you covered no matter your cargo‚ sheet goods, ladders, carpet, or pipe. This rack can carry it all


158.3" L x 63" W x 9.5" H from roller bar (6.3" side rail height)


  • 5 Crossbars (includes wind deflector) for loading a variety of materials and ladders
  • 1,000 lb. capacity
  • Rear roller bar for easier loading and unloading of long materials
  • Fits Transit Low/Mid Roof, Sprinter or ProMaster Standard Roof, NV Low Roof and GM full size vans
  • Black gloss finish
  • Holman Warranty


Vehicle Fit

Ford Transit Low Roof using 4089T Mount Kit GM Full size vans (Express & Savanna) using 4089C Mount Kit Mercedes Sprinter using 4089T Mount Kit
Nissan NV using 4089T Mount Kit Ram ProMaster Standard Roof using 4089P Mount Kit

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

Download the application guide to view complete vehicle fitment and accessories:

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