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Inspiring Our Youth
I have founded two nonprofit organizations that have a mission to help inspire and lead our youth to lead positive, fulfilling and heroic lives.

The Legacy of Achievement Foundation is dedicated to creating a film/video library the presents positive role models to young people. The focus is on character, on integrity and on the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. The Legacy of Achievement Foundation seeks out the "jewels', those great achievers who exemplify such qualities as faith; determination; perserverance; compassion; service; integrity; inspiration; and moral character. Young people need to see positive role models who embody these characteristics, not just the usual celebrities, sports heroes, movie stars and rock stars who always get the limelight and who often are very bad role models."

The Spiritual Cinema Alliance is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to developing and promoting spiritually-uplifting films and media projects. SCA seeks support and funds for the development of movies and other media projects that inspire and direct young people to embrace higher spiritual realities and values.

What Is A Spiritually Exalted Film?
It is a film that uplifts and inspires, that explores higher realities and the spiritual potential of man and woman.

It is a film that exalts the worth of the individual and shows the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It is a film that differentiates between light and darkness and affirms light as the essential nature of all things spiritual.

It is a film that leads people, through images, music and messages, to create inner and outer worlds of beauty, truth, love, harmony and happiness.

Read Joan Holman comments about the new Peter Pan movie.

Peter Pan
I love this movie! For me, this new rendering of the Peter Pan story was pure magic and joy! I highly recommend it!

It's A Wonderful Life
Directed by legendary Frank Capra - one of the most inspiring spiritual films ever produced powerfully illustrating the value of a single human life and the importance of community. Capra said, "There are no rules in filmmaking, only sins. And the Cardinal sin is dullness." Spiritual exalting films do not have to be dull!

A look into the world of fairies and magic - produced by Wendy Finerman who also produced "Forrest Gump," and by Mel Gibson's production company Icon Productions. Look for a cameo by Mel.
"Joan Holman has a relentless focus to produce something positive to lift the human spirit.I can't say enough to describe the GREATNESS of Joan Holman other than she is in simple terms a GREAT HUMAN BEING and for that she will always have my friendship and support."-- Dean L. Mitchell, acclaimed artist

"Joan Holman is a truly gifted leader and outstanding community servant. She is creative, sensitive, and committed to the best products, to do the most good, for the most people. She clearly cares for enhancing opportunity for the disadvantaged. Her work is uplifting to others, substantive and inclusive of all races, ages, gender and cultural backgrounds. This is just the kind of person Joan is." -- Dr. Reatha Clark King, former Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, General Mills Foundation

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