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Web Design Testimonials

Web Site Design/Development, Web Site Re-Design, Content Development - includes strategic development to fulfill business objectives---be aware that the design and content of your Web site is critical for getting listed properly in the search engines. Web Site Strategies, Web Site Development, Web Site Analysis, Internet Marketing, Content Development, Search Engine Optimization

Web Site Design / Web Site Development -- starting at $2,500 - call for pricing

Internet Consulting $200 per hour / $4 per minute for phone consultations, 30 minute minimum, credit cards accepted

Analysis of Existing Web Site - includes critical analysis of business strategy for site, content, design, structure for search engine optimization, marketing issues, proper navigation and fast download, and more---recommendations will be made for improving your Web site--- Prices start at $995 for up to a 15 page Web site

Speaking and Seminars- call for pricing
Call 763-551-3969

Joan Holman Designs Web Site for Consulting Firm -- Services included designing the Web site and Internet marketing strategy, marketing consulting and the development of the corporate identity and positioning for JL Taitt and Associates a company that provides "Consulting Services for Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Composting & Solid Waste Management."

Why You Need Web Site Development & Internet Consulting with A CyberMarketing Edge
Design alone and computer programming alone do not make an effective Web site for a business. The site design and development should be based upon savvy cybermarketing expertise. This is a specialized field of marketing, which is unique and continually evolving. Remember that your Web site is a powerful marketing tool, and that there are different rules for creating marketing materials on the Web that in traditional print media.

There are design limitations on the Internet (including limitations on colors, sizes of graphics for download, etc.), and many elaborately-designed web sites are not designed to work with lower level browsers.

Many Web sites do not give visitors the information they are looking for, or make it hard to find the information visitors are looking for. Or the Web sites use special programming that requires a special plug-in, or that requires the newest version of a browser, thus making it impossible for some visitors to access and/or use the information on the site.

You need to design to the lowest common denominator of those visiting your Web site, remembering that visitors come from different kinds of computers and different versions of browsers. Also, be sure to break up your text into small sections and have lots of subtitles to make your page easy to read on the computer screen.

Other Web Site Development Considerations include:
  • the importance of titling the home page and other pages correctly in order to maximize the opportunity to be listed in search engines
  • the use of keywords in your page content to attract traffic to your site through the search engines
  • including your web site address on your web pages in case people print out those pages and keep them for future reference
  • being careful about reverse type since it has been determined in studies that reverse type is very hard for the eye to read. And, of course, if someone wants to print your web page and it has reverse type, it may not print at all.
  • Once you get your web site up, you need to properly promote your web site, not only on the Internet, but to the extensive media contacts that focus on Internet news. You also need to try to get other sites to link to you. So, be sure to have in your Web site development budget some marketing dollars to promote your Web site. So many people develop a Web site and think that the traffic and business will just automatically come. This is not true. It takes marketing, both online and offline, to get traffic to your Web site.

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    JL Taitt and Associates
    3D Solutions
    KFMC Financial
    Sister Rosalind Massage Schools
    Total Marketing Concepts
    Audio Research
    Idelle Schranck, Edina Realty

    What to Think About When Developing A Web Site
    1. How much should you invest in site development?
    2. How can you use the Internet to enhance your business?
    3. How can you build the most effective web site?
    4. How can you take advantage of the Internet's opportunities?
    5. Should you advertise on other Web sites on the Internet?
    6. How effective is the Internet for direct sales?
    7. How do you spread the news about your web site?
    8. If you currently have a web site, how can you improve it?
    9. How can the Internet fit into your marketing mix?
    10. What are your competitors doing on the Internet?
    11. If you are just a local business, should you have a web site?
    12. What would be a reasonable amount of money to budget for web site maintenance?
    13. How important is it for you to have your own domain name (
    14. What Web site guidelines should be used in the design of your site?
    15. How do you attract traffic to your site?
    16.How do you encourage repeat visits to your site?
    17. What is the most wanted response from your web site?