Jay Abraham


Joan Holman's Marketing Mentor Jay Abraham 

My Studies with the Brilliant Jay Abraham 

I started studying with Jay Abraham in the mid 80s, taking his courses "Your Marketing Genius At Work" and "For Your Marketing Eyes Only" and studying everything that he published. His direct mail letters selling his marketing products and services are the most powerful sales letters I have ever seen in my entire life. These letters can be 15 pages, 20 pages and more, and I always read every word. He writes compelling copy in a compelling style that will fully engage you if you are truly a prospect for what he is offering. By studying Jay's sales letters, you can learn much about marketing. 

Jay Abraham Has Identified Major Keys to Marketing Success

Jay understands how to create interest and then how to convert that interest into a sale, using just words. He has been the master of direct mail marketing. But that is not all.....he has identified and clarified the underlying marketing principles that are the keys to effective marketing, not just in direct mail marketing, but in all marketing endeavors. For instance, he tells you that "the most profitable thing you'll ever do for your business is to understand and ethically exploit the marginal net worth of a customer." The marginal net worth of a customer is the total aggregate profit of this customer over the lifetime of his or her patronage -"including all residual sales, less any advertising, marketing, and product or service fulfillment expenses." 

Increase Your Revenues from Each Customer and Build Customer Loyalty

If you know the value of a customer, you can determine how much you should spend to get that customer. You should also invest in shifting your marketing mindset from share of the market to share of each customer, i.e., focusing on increasing the revenue of each customer, and creating customer loyalty. Jay also taught me about the importance of "back-ending" customers, that is soliciting your customers again and again. You try to upsell or resell "right at, or immediately after the initial sale." Get customers to add another product or service to their purchase. 

Go To Jay Abraham's Web Site for Free Articles on Marketing

I also highly recommend Jay's book "How To Get Everything You Can Out of All You've " and his book "The Sticking Point Solution"

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