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Joan Holman Wish List

Meetings Facilities --Meeting facilities for The Legacy of Achievement Foundation and Spiritual Cinema Alliance. Places where we could have workshops and seminars and get together for volunteer activities.

Ideas -- I am looking for inspiring role models for The Legacy of Achievement Film/Video Library. These would be great achievers in all fields who exemplify positive values and characteristics such as integrity, moral character, service and compassion.

Donations -- Donations to The Legacy of Achievement Foundation and The Spiritual Cinema Alliance are tax deductible.

Film and Video Equipment

Volunteers -- Film and video production crews, graphic designers, post-production services, writers, actors, producers, directors, cinematographers, Web designers, cheerleaders, organizers, fundraisers, musicians, smart business people.

Encouragement -- Yes, we all need to be encouraged. I would appreciate any kind comments or thoughts or anything positive.

Connections -- Introductions to people that you think would be a good connection for me.

Joan Holman with Dennis Kimbro. Dr. Kimbro is the best-selling co-author with Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. Dr. Kimbro was featured as the host of the award-winning PBS program The Legacy of Achievement featuring the lives and lessons of high achievers. Joan Holman is the creator and producer of this program and the founder of the Legacy of Achievement Foundation.

Joan Holman and Patrick Combs-- Best-selling author of the bookMajor in Success: Make College Easier, Fire Up Your Dreams, and Get a Very Cool Job and motivational speaker and gifted performer Patrick Combs with Joan Holman at presentation of his one man show Man 1, Bank 0 which won Best of Festival at the San Francisco Fringe Festival and was featured at HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen.

Patrick has generously donated time to help the Legacy of Achievement Foundation.

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