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Dear Business Leaders & Marketers, 

Yes, there is wealth in the web, and some businesses have figured out how to mine that wealth. However, the majority of businesses appear to not truly understand what is really most effective in the online world.

In my new book I am going to share my best advice that will help every business owner, organizational leader, author or professional use the Internet to jump start their sales and their success.

I will draw from over 15 years of my experience in all aspects of online marketing, including web design and development, search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, online reputation management and e-mail marketing. 


This book is not just a collection of the usual tips about online marketing. It is based on my real-life experience and the best practices of the world's top online marketers. I am going to tell you some horror stories about online marketing, such as the business that was fined a huge amount of money for a security breach with  their e-commerce web site, and the business owner whose web site developer disappeared along with her web site (for which there was no backup), resulting in the total loss of a significant financial investment for her. 

Because of the Internet, the balance of power has been shifted away from the business and toward the customer. If you create real value for your customers, they will use the Internet to become evangelists for you through powerful and far-reaching word-of-mouth communications. This same word-of-mouth, if negative, can do untold damage to your business. 


I will also share the story of a business that was actually destroyed by someone who had a bad experience with the business and who knew how to post bad reviews about the business and get them to the top of the search engines. So when people would put in the business name as a keyword for search, those bad reviews would come up first, even before the web site for the business. Keep in mind that today the consumer is in charge and you better be careful about how you do business and how you treat your customers, because the Internet has given them the power to make or break your business. This is why online reputation management is so very important and why you need to monitor what is being said about you online


My advice is based on my hands-on work in the field of online marketing since 1995. This includes viewing and studying tens of thousands of web sites; designing and developing and project managing numerous small and large web sites; teaching seminars and workshops on Internet marketing; doing research about online marketing that includes reading over 1,500 books on such subjects as web design, mobile marketing, social media marketing, online sales, online branding, online pr, online copywriting, online communications, domain name management, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and so on.


In this book, I will share secrets of online marketing success as well as true stories about online marketing disasters (and what you can do to achieve success and avoid disaster).

1) What to look for in a web designer.

2) What to watch out for with web hosting.

3) Free ways to market online.

4) How much should a web site cost?

5) Why e-mail marketing might be ineffective.

6) Why Facebook is not a waste of time.

7) How to create and easily update a free blog.

8) Dangerous security issues that could impact your business.

9) Internet Success Stories. Examples of those using the Internet to get business and make more money.

To your success,

Joan Holman 

Chief Enlightenment Officer

Joan Holman Productions

About Joan Holman

An internet pioneer since the early days of the world wide web, Joan Holman is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based consultant, author and speaker. She has made presentations throughout North America about using the Internet for business success and has studied Internet best practices with world leaders in usability, web design, search engine optimization and online marketing. She has been named as one of the leading Internet marketing experts in the world and was featured, along with VPs from Yahoo! and Google, Steve Rubel (SVP/Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, AdAge and Forbes columnist) and others online experts in the book Online Marketing Heroes: Interivews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus.

Other Key Points about Jump Start Your Sales with Effective Online Marketing

Here is a sampling of some of the things I will be discussing in my new book:

(1) WHO IS HOSTING AND CONTROLLING YOUR WEB SITE? CAN YOU TRUST THEM? I designed and developed a web site for a client (whose identity will remain anonymous), and after a couple of years they wanted to make it an e-commerce web site. They knew someone else who was very eager to get the business and who wooed them away from me. This other person had no background or knowledge with online marketing and built and hosted their web site for e-commerce. This novice web site developer obviously knew nothing about online security and about the importance of setting up secure transactions and systems for credit card sales. His actions, based upon his inexperience and ignorance, created a financial liability for the company that lost the company a very large amount of money, and which would have destroyed a smaller company which did not have the financial resources to take such a huge loss. Credit card numbers that he stored were stolen and used and the company was held liable.

(2) IS YOUR WEB SITE GOING TO BE THERE TOMORROW?  I met a business owner who had invested a large sum in the development of a web site. This business owner hired a web design person who developed and hosted the site. One day that web design person disappeared and so did the business owner's web site. There were no backups to the site and the owner lost the site and the entire investment in the site. Be sure to work with someone you trust. Personally I recommend Go Daddy as a reliable web hosting company. I have had a very good experience with them.

(3) IS YOUR WEB SITE BEAUTIFUL BUT NOT GETTING YOU ANY BUSINESS.  I have businesses come to all the time telling me they are just not getting any results from their web sites. No prospects, no customers, no business. When I analyze their web sites, I often find that they are beautifully designed, but are not search-engine friendly. They are built in Flash or use too many graphics, do not have good information, good content, good copywriting, and so on. One of my clients had spent over $100,000 on a web site that was a total waste of money because it was completely built in Flash and did not download quickly and it also required some special plug-ins and in fact, when I analyzed his target audience, they were older, less tech savvy and less likely to be able to access the web site because they did not have the latest and greatest  Flash player and other plug-ins. 

(4) BEST WEB SERVICES PROVIDERS.  Over the years I have seen many Internet companies come and go. Many web designers come and go. Many hosting companies come and go. You need to make sure that your web site is hosted with a company that is going to be there tomorrow and not disappear, and your web site with it. (yes, you can get backups to your web site, but it can still be very inconvenient if your hosting company disappears). Clients will come to me with names of possible providers for all kinds of web services and I am always very cautious about companies that have no history, no track record and no credibility. Be very careful who you work with. In my book Jump Start Your Sales with Effective Online Marketing, I will share my recommendations for the top providers with the strongest track records and credibility in the marketplace.

(5) ONLINE MARKETING SUCCESS STORY: Where the Hell Is Matt?  An example of very successful online marketing is Matt Harding and his "Where the Hell is Matt" popular You Tube videos. Matt Harding quit his job as a videogame designer to travel the planet. When an Internet video of Matt dancing in exotic locations was viewed by millions, a sponsor (STRIDE GUM) offered him the opportunity to continue his journey. His second video has been watched over 28 million times on YouTube (as of May 2, 2010). Matt's 2008 video was named by Time Magazine as the top viral video of that year. Matt has monetized his online marketing success by also writing a book.



(commentary from Amazon.com)

"Matt Harding, the YouTube sensation, turns his world travels into a unique book. Matt Harding created an Internet sensation with his awkward, limb-flailing dance of joy. His travels, and his bad dancing, have been viewed online nearly 75 million times. It started as a lark on a curbside in Hanoi, Vietnam. He did it for fun, but Matt’s irreverent spirit caught on, and soon thousands all over the world were joining him in a simple expression of what we all, as humans, have in common. In his first book, a full-color travelogue, Matt shares, with refreshing honesty and wit, the adventure of creating his videos. He tells of jumping into the ocean with a humpback whale, sledding down a hill in Antarctica, and hitchhiking across the Skeleton Coast desert with a spare tire under one arm. Matt also reveals the unlikely story of how his passion for travel led to Internet stardom, a corporate sponsor, and an odd little pop culture phenomenon that strikes a deep emotional chord."

(6) ANALYZING YOUR WEB SITE TRAFFIC TO MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS.  If you have a web site, you need to know who is coming to that web site and how they are finding it. You need to know how many unique visitors you have, how many new versus repeat visitors, what countries they are coming from, how long they stay on your web site, which web pages are most popular and which web sites and search engines are referrers to your web site. You need to know what is being put in the search engines as keywords to find your web site. All of this is possible to know with analytics programs. 

(7) SOME IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: I hear people say they have lots of "hits" to their web sites and quite frankly, I am not impressed. That is because the word "hit" defines a graphic file on your web site and not a unique visitor. If you have lots of graphic files, you might have 1,000 "hits" and only 10 visitors. So do not confuse the word "hits" with "visitors." 

(8) THE SECRET POWER OF THE INTERNET: This is a topic for another book I am working on. However, I believe that by  highly concentrating and focusing your mind on the goals you want to achieve with Internet marketing, you can tap into your "sixth sense" to magnetize and find the right people, the right information and the best opportunities to manifest your goals. My life has been totally changed by the "chance" encounters of people I have attracted to me through my web sites and online presence. I have also pursued and tracked down and engaged important people through the use of the Internet, people who are now a very positive part of my life. And of course, relationships are the key to success in business.

The Sixth Sense and The Internet

(copyright 2010 by Joan Holman) 

The sixth sense is defined by Webster's dictionary as "a power of perception beyond the five senses: intuition". Visualize the Internet as a global mind connector - a physical counterpart to the collective mass consciousness. The Internet is the place where you can tune into others telepathically and connect at the mental level, regardless of location. This is where your "sixth sense" can guide you to roam the world digitally for the appropriate person, opportunity, or information you need to manifest your goals.

Napoleon Hill, the great expert on success and author of the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich said, "The sixth sense is the medium through which a properly qualified mind may communicate with other minds, at any distance, through the principle of telepathy. The principle of telepathy has been recognized, by reliable authorities, as a workable reality". He stated, "All thought, whether it is negative or positive, sound or unsound, tends to clothe itself with its physical equivalent, and it proceeds to do so by the attainment of desired ends, through natural and logical means.

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