Leave A Legacy


At the end of our journey of life, each of us needs to know that we have contributed to others and that our life has meaning.

What we have contributed to others, to our families, to our community and the larger community is the legacy we leave.

Each life has value.

Each life has a mission and purpose.

And each life touches countless lives.

As Clarence the angel told George Bailey in the film "It's A Wonderful Life:"

    "Each man's life touches so many other lives, and when he isn't around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

Several years ago I made it my goal to document (through film, video and other media) the lives and lessons of great achievers in the world who exemplify the best of the human spirit. People I call the "jewels." People who are not the usual celebrities and idols, but high-achieving men and women who demonstrate integrity and moral character and compassion and service and sacrifice and self-transformation through struggle and perserverance and courage.

This goal led me to create and produce my award-winning Legacy of Achievement™ television program, which has been broadcast on PBS stations throughout the country and which is also being used in corporations, organizations and schools .

This goal also led me to create The Legacy of Achievement Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating a film/video library that will be a repository of positive role models for this and future generations. Interviews with these role models will be used in television programing, films and in educational media programs for young people.

Young people especially need to see role models who embody positive characteristics, not just the celebrities, sports heroes, movie stars and rock stars who always get the limelight and who often are very bad role models.

Great achievers can show us the way to manifest our own dreams and fulfill our own calling in life. As we listen to the stories of those featured in the Legacy of Achievement, it becomes apparent that all people who truly live their dreams and accomplish great things have to endure risk, hardship and sacrifice.

Ordinary people become extraordinary when they perservere through adversity, obstacles and opposition in order to fulfill their life purpose. This is truly the Hero's Journey we must all undergo in order to leave our own personal legacy of achievement.

Your interest and support for The Legacy of Achievement Foundation is most welcome!

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