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This Web page has links and information related to a speech given by Joan Holman at Medtronic Corporation world headquarters.

Pacemaker Pioneer and Medtronic Co-Founder Earl Bakken Being Interviewed by Joan Holman at his home in Hawaii

Earl Bakken is a true pioneer who has changed the course of human history. With his invention of the world's first wearable, battery-operated external pacemaker, Earl helped launch the modern medical-technology industry. Through his leadership, he has enabled millions of people with life-threatening illnesses to be restored to full life and health. Founder of the world's top medical technology company Medtronic (valued at nearly 60 billion dollars), Earl's leadership has resulted in phenonmenal business success and the establishment of one of the most respected corporate cultures in the world, a culture based upon a humanitarian mission along with an unrelenting commitment to integrity and service.

Earl is one of the many individuals whose life and legacy is being documented and recorded by The Legacy of Achievement Foundation. The Foundation is creating a permanent video/film library of inspiring achievers, individuals who can serve as positive role models for youth and adults.

Special Links
  • Messages from Water
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing)

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) integrates elements of many effective psychotherapies in structured protocols that are designed to maximize treatment effects. These include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, experiential, and body-centered therapies. EMDR is an information processing therapy.

    It is not only major traumatic events, or "large-T Traumas" that can cause psychological disturbance. Sometimes a relatively minor event from childhood, such as being teased by one's peers or disparaged by one's parent, may not be adequately processed. Such "small-t traumas" can result in personality problems and become the basis of current dysfunctional reactions. EMDR can assist to successfully alleviate clinical complaints by processing the components of the contributing distressing memories. These can be memories of either small-t or large-T traumas. Information processing is thought to occur when the targeted memory is linked with other more adaptive information. Learning then takes place, and the experience is stored with appropriate emotions, able to appropriately guide the person in the future."

  • Career Wisdom (book project with Dr. Camille Cosby)

  • The Hero's Journey: Life's Great Adventure

    "Why study The Hero's Journey? Why learn a pattern that dates from before recorded history? The answer is simple: we should study it because it's the pattern of human experience, of our experience, and we will live it for the rest of our lives. In a sense, every challenge or change we face in life is a Journey: every love found, every love lost, every birth or death, every move to a new job, school or city: every situation which confronts us with something new or which forces us to re-evaluate our thinking, behavior or perspective.

    The journey is a process of self-discovery and self-integration, of maintaining balance and harmony in our lives. As with any process of growth and change, a journey can be confusing and painful, but it brings opportunities to develop confidence, perspective and understanding. Understanding the Journey pattern can help us understand the literature us read, the movies us see, and the experiences which shape your life. By recognizing the Journey's stages and how they function, we will develop a sense of the flow of our own experience and be better able to make decisions and solve problems. More importantly, we will begin to recognize our own points of passage and respect the significance they have for us."

  • Hero's Journey DVD at Amazon (with Joseph Campbell) "Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, a scholar who achieved legendary status as an explicator of myths, is reverently profiled in this documentary that encompasses his long life and career.Campbell has many interesting philosophies. One of these ideas which he portrayed in the video was that human beings should listen to the inner-voice."

  • The Hero with A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. "Joseph Campbell's classic cross-cultural study of the hero's journey has inspired millions and opened up new areas of research and exploration. Originally published in 1949, the book hit the New York Times best-seller list in 1988 when it became the subject of The Power of Myth, a PBS television special. The first popular work to combine the spiritual and psychological insights of modern psychoanalysis with the archetypes of world mythology, the book creates a roadmap for navigating the frustrating path of contemporary life. Examining heroic myths in the light of modern psychology, it considers not only the patterns and stages of mythology but also its relevance to our lives today--and to the life of any person seeking a fully realized existence."

  • The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers by Christopher Vogler. "The Writer's Journey sets forth archetypes common in what Vogler calls "the hero's journey," the mythic structure that he claims all stories follow." Vogler asserts that "all stories consist of a few common structural elements found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies."

  • Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley. "On September 17,1975, after being electrocuted by a bolt of lightning, Dannion Brinkley died. When he revived twenty-eight minutes later in a morgue, he had the story of a lifetime to tell - a profoundly moving account of what happened to him during his near-death experience. It is a tale of a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a "cathedral of knowledge" where thirteen angels shared with him 117 revelations about the future-95 of which have already come true.

    Even he now possesses the ability to read minds, no one believed his story of the spiritual transformation that changed his life- except others who had died and come back. A second near-death experience reunited him with with his angelic instructors. This time,they revealed that he was to use his new psychic gifts to help the dying. Since then, he has dedicated his life to working with the sick and elderly, and sharing his fantastic story with people everywhere. Dramatic and inspiring, Saved By the Light is an exciting look at the fascinating mysteries of life and death."

  • Create A Definite Chief Aim for Your Life -- Learn how to write and use a specific statement about what you want to achieve in your life.

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Joan Holman is the Founder of the Spiritual Cinema Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated the the development, production and promotion of spiritually exalting movies and media programs.
"I was at the awards event at Medtronic where you gave your speech and I absolutely loved your presentation! And I felt such a warmth and depth from you that was particularly touching to me. You project such life and soul into how you view your work and it was so inspiring. I liked so much that you give people ideas for their work and success, but encourage people to always hold the real values of life in their heart while doing it. Thank you." -- Cheryl Larson

Television Production-- Joan Holman is the creator and producer of the award-winning PBS television program The Legacy of AchievementTM featuring the lives and lessons of high achievers, a program produced with the support of Harvey Mackay.