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To create an effective web site and online marketing strategy, you need to know:

  • What you want to achieve
  • Your target audience and what kind of technology they are using
  • What people really want on your web site
  • Why certain types of web site design may not be usable or effective
  • Why cutting-edge technology makes websites annoying and drives people away
  • Options for online marketing/public relations/customer engagement 


I recommend my web site audit to analyze:

  • Ease of use
  • Appropriate content
  • Visibility in the search engines
  • Credibility
  • Brand identity
  • Marketing effectiveness 


  • The truth is, success with online marketing does not come easily.
  • It takes consistent, ongoing effort to build success and get opportunities.
  • For those who do it right, online marketing can reap huge rewards.

For helpful advice on what it really takes to succeed with online marketing, read an interview with Joan Holman, which is Chapter 1 from the book Online Marketing Heroes.


  • Your web site is one of the most important tools for promoting and building your business.
  • Many web sites I view are ineffective and marketing-adverse


Since 1995, I have viewed tens of thousands of web sites and analyzed over 2,500 Web sites. I have personally developed, managed and consulted on the development and re-design of many web sites. I have consulted to many businesses that have developed web sites that are not working well. Through usability research, I often discover that their target audience cannot view the web site, or use the web site, or that their web site is not visible in the search engines. I work with these clients to fix the web site, or in some situations, to completely re-do their web site. If you have a web site, you should find out how well it is working for your target audience.


Improving your web site can greatly impact the bottom line for your business. There is a direct correlation between increased satisfaction with the use of a web site and increased profits for a commercial web site. Increasing customer satisfaction by just 5 percent can lead to a 25 percent increase in revenues. 

7 Tips for A Successful Web Site

copyright 2008 Joan Holman

  1. Beware cutting edge technology. Make your website simple and easy to use. Don't require people to download the most recent version of Flash or any other special plug-ins.
  2. Don't have a splash intro page. It annoys people and keeps them from quickly getting to the information they really want.
  3. Make your writing to the point. Focus on customer's interests and needs.
  4. Use short paragraphs and lists and lots of subheads. People scan web pages and you need to make it easy for them to do so.
  5. Test the usability of your web site. Get five members of your targeted audience one at a time to sit down at a computer and use your web site. Don't prompt them about how to use your web site. Keep your mouth shut. Use their feedback to improve your web site.
  6. Put your contact information on every page. Don't just put it on a special contact page.
  7. Have your web site design development directed by someone who is experienced in online marketing. Although techies are important, they may create a site overloaded with animation, audio, video and streaming media. Designers who are great at print design may be inexperienced at human-computer interface design and consequently, their web sites may look pretty but not be useful or usable. Many techies and graphic designers like to use Flash to build their web sites and this can create a lot of problems with usability; it can also limit search engine optimization efforts. 

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