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Two versions of The Legacy of Achievement are available for purchase.

1) One hour original PBS long version
$59/consumer price and $150/corporate, group, institutional price
This is the full one hour broadcast version that was seen on PBS stations nationally. It is highly entertaining and motivational and includes beautiful location shooting at the homes and offices of the successful people profiled in the program. This version provides more in-depth interviews than the shorter corporate version. Dennis Kimbro's energetic speech before a studio audience is included in its entirety and provides many keys for anyone who seeks success. For more information read the press release about The Legacy of Achievement with Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D.

Dr. Dennis Kimbro, host of The Legacy of Achievement, is a dynamic speaker who has presented to many of American's top corporations. A bestselling author, business consultant, and contributing editor for Success Magazine, he has devoted his life to the study of success and achievement.

This one hour original PBS broadcast video was originally sold for $595.
However, it is available on this Web Site to the public at the low price of $59
This price is for home viewing only.

2) Short Version! --27 minutes- great for corporations and schools!
$59/consumer price and $150/corporate, group, institutional price.
Original price was $595.
An excellent meeting opener or session starter, this 27-minute, short-cut version of The Legacy of Achievement Series features an inspiring presentation by Dr. Dennis Kimbro before a live audience with excerpts from his interviews with five diverse achievers. The personal stories of overcoming obstacles, including discrimination, to achieve goals, provide an uplifting message about the ability of all people to make valuable contributions regardless of gender, race, or cultural background.
This program is appropriate for training programs addressing leadership; self-direction in employees; personal development; motivation; empowerment; improving quality, productivity and service; and diversity. (Specially edited for corporate training purposes.) Viewers will learn how to:

The price is $150 for either version if using for corporate, group or institutional viewing.

Credit card orders taken over the phone at 763-551-3969 or send your check or money order to Joan Holman Productions at 4190 Vinewood Lane, Suite 111-424, Plymouth, Minnesota 55442. Be sure to put the suite number on the envelope. You must add $5 shipping and handling for the first video that you order plus $3 per video for each additional video you order in the same order. Minnesota residents add sales tax of 6.5%.


The Legacy of Achievement is also ideal for use in the high school and college classroom, and both versions are available at the price of $150 each for educational institutions and nonprofits. Close to 200 schools and libraries are using this program now.
Call to order. Purchase orders accepted. 763-551-3969

To order your video call 763-551-3969 or send your check or purchase order to:

Joan Holman
Joan Holman Productions
4190 Vinewood Lane, Suite #111-424
Plymouth, Minnesota 55442

Make checks payable to Joan Holman Productions

Add $5 shipping and handling for the first video you order and $3 for each additional video.

Minnesota residents add 6.5% tax on the purchase price.

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Biography of the Producer - Joan Holman

Television and video producer, Internet expert, and consultant to individuals and businesses seeking success, Ms. Holman has undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and is experienced as a psychotherapist and college psychology instructor. Last updated 1-18-2001

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