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Joan Holman's Suggested Resources for Prosperity

Taken from Prospering Woman by Ruth Ross, Ph.D. published by New World Library, 58 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903

"To develop your consciousness of prosperity, observe every day how you are creating with your thought. We first create in mental form everything we desire to produce in physical form. Look around you. Everything you see at this moment that is human-made-whatever you wear, sit on, eat with, live in - was once only an idea in someone's mind.

Think back over the last thing you created - a cake, a manuscript, a clean house, a painting, peace between two people - everything you do has the same beginning. It starts with a thought in your mind. It may happen so fast you don't notice it, but every move you make is preceded by a thought. We can literally say that we are our thoughts.

Review your day today. The quality of your day reflects the state of your mind. On days you feel up and high, everything looks terrific, even if it didn't yesterday. When you are feeling good, you produce good work. The power and pervasiveness of our thought is so incredible that it is awesome to describe. Just having the original idea, of course, is not enough to manifest it into material reality.

Ninety percent of our ideas die upon conception, or soon afterward. At best, ten percent survive long enough to become somewhat developed, and perhaps five percent see the light of day. It is our choice, and within our power, to deliberately select the thoughts we consciously hold. By consciously repeating strongly desired thought-goals for a sufficient amount of time, we are actually programming our subconscious to produce that goal.

Once programmed, this great impersonal computer has no choice but to produce, without question, what we ask for, indefinitely. This is where the role of the will plays its crucial part in manifesting. Many have mistakenly tried to use their will to push, shove, and force behavior to conform to their decisions of the ideal. The true role of the will is to be a guardian over our thoughts.

Its our task is to make sure that all our thoughts positively support our goals. By keeping negative thoughts out of the conscious mind, the will is being used on the highest level possible.

Thought must be combined with belief. Unless you believe in your idea, it will die."

Recommended Videos
The Legacy of Achievement, with Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D.
A motivational and educational video that shares the secrets of success. Dr. Dennis Kimbro, authority on success and achievement, interviews five outstanding individuals on location in their homes and offices, and also share the results of his seven years of research interviewing 100 of America's greatest achievers. One-hour PBS broadcast version available, and 27-minute short-cut corporate training and educational version available for purchase.

Video ordering information.

Recommended Audios

Sounds True Audiotape Catalog

The Sounds True catalog contains 300 titles focusing on personal development.

Recommended Books

Try your local bookstores or Amazon, and if they are unable to get the books for you, try Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops, one of the top business booksellers in the United States. Call 1-800-236-7323, or try your local Unity Church bookstore. The Unity Bookstores have many books on prosperity.

The Prosperity Secret Of The Ages
by Catherine Ponder
How To Channel A Golden River Of Riches Into Your Life

"You can have everything if you know the power that is within you and then dare to use it! When you rule your mind, you rule the world. when you choose your thoughts, you choose results."

Excerpt from the book....

Imaging Money Brings Money To You
"A businessman first brought to my attention the success power of the imagination. This man had gone through a period of severe financial privation and felt he could endure it no longer. Learning of the imaging power of the mind, he purchased some "play money" from the dime store and placed the bills of large denomination in his wallet. Every time he opened his wallet, his eyes would see first those large sums of money, and subconsciously the thought would register, " I have money!" It was a nice, new thought for his subconscious, which had so often been fed the idea, "I have no money."

From this point on, he began to make more money as salesman, and gradually he became quite prosperous. He feels that the turning point from financial lack to financial abundance came, the day he placed "play money" in his wallet. This helped him to begin to see plenty instead of lcak. It may sound like a kindergarten idea to you, but who cares, if it works. And it does! Actually, this is an old occult secret for prosperity that was known and used by the ancients. When they desired more money, they would sit in meditation, picture definite sums of money, and then demand of universal substance, "Give me this." They would picture definite sums of money, over and over, day in and day out, until the money came to satisfy their needs in some way."

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
by Catherine Ponder

God Wants You To Be Rich
by Paul Zane Pilzer

How And Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material And Spiritual Wealth In Our Abundant World

"As an economist and businessperson, I have devoted my life to explaining how people can become rich. I realize now that I have failed to reach certain people because I have incorrectly assumed that they already understood why they should become rich. There is a widespread feeling today that there is something wrong with individual economic success. People who have become rich through great personal sacrifice sometimes feel guilty about their success- and often pass this guilt on to their children, with disastrous consequences. Even worse, people who fail to achieve success on their first try sometimes refute to try again.

Most people believe they should achieve wealth primarily for their own material comfort or that of their families. This is far too narrow a view. God does want each of use to be rich in every possible way....God wants this, however, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of all humankind. The reason......is that an increase in wealth for an individual almost always represents an even larger increase in wealth for society at large. This is especially true in our modern economy, where the largest individual financial rewards are increasingly reserved for those people making the greatest positive impact on our society." Paul Zane Pilzer

Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice
by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill

"Dennis Kimbro has taken Napoleon Hill's masterpiece and set it on the cutting edge..... The definitive guide for anyone in search of success." Harvey Mackay.

This is the follow-up book to Hill's great classic. It is based on the study of great African-American achievers whose inspiring stories of overcoming prove that even racism cannot stand in the way of the man or women determined to succeed. Kimbro has written a book that is not only for black Americans, but for everyone. Kimbro combines Napoleon Hill's law of success with his won vast knowledge of business, contemporary affairs, and the vibrant culture of Black America.

Riches Within Your Reach - The Law of The Higher Potential
by Robert Collier
Robert Collier Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 3684, Indialantic, Florida 32903

One of the great classics in motivational literature. Collier states that "the first principle of success is desire - knowing what you want."

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