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Driver Efficiency – A More Complete Measure of Driver Performance

Driver Efficiency – A More Complete Measure of Driver Performance
A man driving a vehicle

Holman Marketing
June 8th, 2022

How do you measure driver success within your fleet organization? Telematics provides excellent data points, but is it enough? Are you taking driver’s safety into consideration? And how do you identify your truly risky drivers? All of these are important factors when considering how to measure driver performance, but each one of them are only a single piece of the puzzle.

Driver efficiency is one of the most critical aspects in determining the effectiveness of your fleet operation, which is why we have updated the Holman driver scorecard to provide you with a more complete view into your driver’s performance.

Holman’s new driver scorecard goes way beyond just one data point and digs deeper into your driver’s overall driving performance and patterns. With our updated scorecard, you’re viewing a more accurate measure of driver behavior with telematics – accidents, violations, and MVR’s giving you a comprehensive view of driver performance.

Benefits of a Driver Report Card

A driver scorecard is extremely important to determine the effectiveness of your drivers, but it also has some other underlying financial benefits too. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the average cost of a crash to US employers has some rather stiff financial costs:

  • $16,000 if there are no injuries
  • $74,000 if there are injuries
  • Upwards of $500,000 if there are fatalities

Canadian fleets are generally smaller fleet units with fewer than 30 units, according to Automotive Fleet. Whether a small or large fleet, don’t overlook the importance in managing your driver’s performance against a comprehensive scoring system. You still need to ensure you are getting a complete view of driving behavior and are eliminating unneeded costs which may arise from only measuring a piece of the pie.

Having a solid and effective driver report card on the performance of your team will not only help mitigate some of these potentially large costs, but it will also help you evaluate drivers, identify areas of improvement and assign training upfront and more efficiently.

A driver report card will not only score your drivers more comprehensively, but you may also see a reduction in crash rates, more engaged drivers, and less administrative burden on yourself, or on others on your team, to manage driver safety programs.

The Necessity of a Vehicle Scorecard

Is a vehicle scorecard truly that important to your operation? The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) estimates the total cost for work-related motor vehicle crashes on U.S. employers at $25 billion dollars. While that number in and of itself may be a bit overwhelming to digest, consider that you are now able to measure your own drivers’ performance and potential costs with the updated driver scorecard. When you quickly identify and take action on risky drivers you create an enhanced driver safety program for your organization.

A full scoring system measuring all aspects of driver behavior certainly puts you in a position to evaluate your drivers’ efficiencies and opportunities. Making the most of these measurements through analysis, as well as through driver training and engagement, will put your organization in a more sturdy position to succeed over the long haul.

To learn more about how Holman supports driver safety, contact us today to start the journey to a safer fleet.