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Public Charging Your Electric Co-Pilot

Public Charging Your Electric Co-Pilot

Holman Marketing
October 6th, 2023

More and more organizations are thinking about adding electric vehicles to their fleets, but a major roadblock standing in their way is driver range anxiety.

Successfully driving a vehicle without the concern of being stranded is an obstacle among drivers. How do you help your drivers overcome this uneasiness? Holman’s Public Charging program rescues you and your drivers from this electrifying dilemma.


Locate a Station and Charge Up with Ease

The key to a successful electric fleet program is keeping your vehicles charged and your drivers worry-free. Just as important as finding a gas station is to your ICE vehicles, so is finding a charging station for your electrics. The Holman Driver App provides that assurance.

With our Driver App, your drivers are able to quickly locate and navigate to public charging stations to ease their concerns over how much power and juice remains in their vehicles. Of course, this will also leave you feeling confident in your driver’s ability to meet customer expectations without the concern of getting stranded without power.

Payment from public charging stations is simple, too. Payments will flow through Holman and appear on a consolidated invoice – that’s convenience redefined.

Whether your fleet comprises robust electric trucks or sleek SUVs, Holman stands by your side – dedicated to fueling your success.

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