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Industry Insights & Strategic Guidance that Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Industry Insights & Strategic Guidance that Keep Your Business Moving Forward
A white van parked in front of a row of other white vans

Holman Marketing
May 10th, 2023

Following the last several years of unprecedented change and disruption across the entire automotive industry, you probably find yourself trying to navigate a variety of new challenges and unforeseen detours. Whether you’re dealing with lingering supply chain constraints, exploring potential electrification projects, or simply trying to control rising operating costs, partnering with a fleet management provider, particularly one with visibility to the entire industry such as Holman, will be extremely beneficial.

Recently, Holman’s Canadian leadership team joined Autosphere for a roundtable discussion on the latest trends impacting fleet operators across the country. During the conversation, Kathryn Foster, Romy Bria, Shawn Morris, and Eric Attias touched on a variety of topics including lingering supply chain uncertainty. In the article, Romy notes that while the supply of new vehicles remains somewhat limited, the industry as a whole is better prepared to navigate these shortages and adjust lifecycle strategies accordingly.

“We’ve reviewed the data, we know the impact of this change, and we can help our customers understand which vehicles they should continue using. We know how to minimize the costs associated with keeping a vehicle on the road longer than expected, and how to limit downtime.”

Romy Bria
Vice President, Client Relations

The team also touched on how innovative new technology is helping to streamline and optimize daily fleet operations. To that end, Kathryn highlights how Holman’s enhanced mobile app delivers a customer experience that today’s fleet professionals and drivers need to keep their business moving forward.

“Our goal as a fleet management company is to put tools in front of the drivers, the end users, that allows them to focus on their core business. Fleet is not their core business, and we don’t want them spending un- necessary time on these activities. We want to get them to their next visit, their next service call, wherever they need to go. It’s as simple as that.”

Kathryn Foster
Director, Strategic Services

The article concludes with Romy and Eric sharing that while market conditions and challenges continue to evolve, the fundamental principles of effective fleet management remain the same.

“We can’t control the cost of fuel or the supply chain challenges or even inflation. But what we can control is how our customers navigate these variables. Our team here at Holman is proactive, and we’re working with our customers to mitigate risk and help them succeed in this constantly-changing fleet environment.”

Eric Attias
Vice President, Sales, Canada

To read the entire article, visit To lean more about the latest trends influencing the industry, be sure to visit Holman’s resource library for current insights and strategies for overcoming today’s biggest challenges.