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Insight and Advice for Maximizing Vocational Fleet Productivity

Insight and Advice for Maximizing Vocational Fleet Productivity
A hand holding a pen pointing at charts on a clipboard

Holman Marketing
May 11th, 2023

For most vocational fleet operators, maximizing efficiency and productivity is paramount. You need your trucks and vans on the road, servicing customers and helping to generate revenue for your business. However, many fleet managers often find themselves navigating mundane administrative tasks or combing through endless mountains of data rather than developing strategic initiatives that further enhance fleet productivity.

Recently, Holman’s Vice President of Strategic Services Trip O’Neil spoke with Work Truck to share his perspective on some of today’s top challenges for vocational fleet operators. In the series of articles, Trip highlights why you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of transaction management – processing invoices, navigating license renewals, status updates, etc. – that add little value to your business. Instead, he recommends eliminating or offloading these low value tasks so you can focus on critical strategic initiatives that bring tangible value to your business.

Trip also offers some advice to help fleet operators further maximize productivity. He notes that the key is truly understanding the specific goals of your organization along with the role your fleet plays in supporting the business to meet those objectives.

“From there, you can craft strategic fleet initiatives designed to enhance productivity in tangible ways that align with these goals. With your ‘north star’ in place, you can determine the critical, value-add areas that are best kept in-house versus those that can be offloaded to a strategic partner such as a fleet management provider.”

Trip O’Neil
Vice President of Strategic Services

In the final article of the series, Trip discusses how fleet operators can leverage fleet data and powerful analytic tools to drive improvement. However, he cautions that data overload can be a challenge, and at times, it can feel like trying to get a sip of water from a firehouse. With that in mind, Trip offers some advice to help you avoid drowning in meaningless data.

“We often recommend maintaining an extremely sharp focus on the KPIs that are truly meaningful to the challenges or issues you’re trying to overcome. You’ll want to eliminate as much ‘noise’ as possible and determine what’s valuable and actionable.”

Trip O’Neil
Vice President of Strategic Services

This is an area where partnering with a fleet management provider can be extremely beneficial. Most fleet management companies can deliver actionable insight about your fleet’s performance and easily bring those truly meaningful KPIs to the surface, rather than simply providing mountains of meaningless data. Additionally, partnering with a fleet management provider such as Holman can ensure this information aligns with your strategic objectives and will also help you use this data as a catalyst for change.

Visit to read the entire series of articles. Also, be sure to learn more about how Holman’s holistic approach to fleet management can help you transform your fleet from an operational necessity into one of your company’s most valuable assets.