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Unlocking the Power of EV Connectivity for Your Fleet

Unlocking the Power of EV Connectivity for Your Fleet

Holman Marketing
October 6th, 2023

The move toward electric vehicles is in full swing. And why shouldn’t it? Organizations are charging toward sustainability and eco-friendly transportation options at lightning speed. However, managing a fleet of electric vehicles comes with its own set of challenges.

Data, connectivity, usage, and battery life are all areas to monitor to ensure you can meet your customer’s needs. With the right solutions, you have the power to monitor and manage your EV fleet effectively.


Get Plugged into Real-Time Data

Monitoring vehicle data is the key to managing your EV assets effectively. Holman’s EV Connectivity program oversees your EV data in a centralized platform. No more digging through piles of paperwork or juggling multiple apps – everything you need is at your fingertips.


Manage Charging Behaviors with Ease

One of the most critical aspects of EV fleet management is understanding and controlling charging behaviors. Our program provides real-time vehicle data, allowing you to monitor charging sessions as they happen. You’ll have the power to optimize charging schedules, ensuring your fleet is always ready for action.


Geo-Location and Odometer Readings

Geo-location is a game-changer for EV fleet management. Knowing your vehicle’s location in real time helps you plan routes more efficiently and ensures that your vehicles are always where they need to be. Whether it’s getting them to their intended destination or identifying the closest charging depots, geo-location data is your secret weapon.

Of course, monitoring your vehicle’s odometer remains crucial; however, this data is now missed in the absence of fueling transactions. Our Connectivity program may be your next game changer as it provides the optimal solution by ensuring your odometer reading and critical data points are captured. You are not missing a thing.


Battery Life Optimization

The state of charge, or the percentage of battery life remaining, is crucial information for drivers and fleet managers. The Holman EV Connectivity program provides insights into your battery’s health, helping you decide which vehicles to assign based on their battery life and charging needs. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime due to dead batteries.


Fueling Your EV Analysis with Charging Session Data

Transitioning your fleet to electric is a learning process. Understanding fueling transactions for EVs is vital, and the EV Connectivity program makes it easy. You’ll have access to comprehensive charging session data, including total kWh consumed, start and stop times, and geo-location information. This data is invaluable for reimbursement programs and other utilization analyses.

Embracing EVs doesn’t have to be daunting. Our programs empower you to manage your EV fleet with confidence. Real-time data, geo-location insights, battery life optimization, and charging session data all come together to streamline your operations and ensure your transition to electric vehicles is smooth and successful.

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