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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips
A vehicle driving on a snow covered road

Holman Marketing
November 28th, 2022

Winter driving comes with many challenges. Below are some tips for driving in the snow to help you prepare yourself and your vehicle for many of them.

How to Prepare your Car for Winter Driving

Worn or low tires decrease traction, which increases your stopping distance and reduces your overall level of control. Check tire treads and pressure. Replace worn tires or install winter tires; inflate low tires.

Cold weather can strain a battery and cause starting problems. Test battery voltage, starter, and alternator. Inspect the cables, and clean the battery terminals.

Cold, moisture, and salt take a toll on brakes, reducing their effectiveness. Have your brakes inspected and serviced?

Neglected fluids are a common cause of engine and parts trouble; proactive attention to fluids can prevent untimely issues. Check the oil and antifreeze, brake, and washer fluids. Flush and replace as needed.

Packed snow and ice cause wiper blades to streak, or worn blades miss the glass altogether and impair sight lines. Replace wiper blades. Winter-specific blades are available that push snow and ice more easily.

Clogged air filters can reduce heater airflow and put stress on the blower motor. Replace all dirty filters, including air, fuel, PCV, and others.

Know the expected timeframe for winter weather to arrive in the region you will be driving, and stock your vehicle with the appropriate tools and necessities. Must-haves: ice scraper and shovel, sand or road salt, jumper cables, tire inflator spray, flashlight, phone charger, first aid kit, warm blanket and extra clothing, non-perishable food, and bottled water. Keep the gas tank at least ½ full.

To make sure you’ve got the right safety and insurance protection in winter and all driving weather, contact Holman’s insurance experts.