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Info and Purchase of Legacy of Achievement Video

About Dennis Kimbro

Testimonials About
The Legacy of Achievement
with Dennis Kimbro

"The Legacy of Achievement is a program that gives inspiration along with education."

best-selling author Harvey Mackay, Swim with the Sharks
and Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty

"I watched your video, "The Legacy of Achievement" three days after I received it. It was everything I hoped it would be. I am crazy about Dr. Dennis Kimbro.

I have read "Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice" and am reading "What Makes the Great Great." As I was watching the video, my husband came into the room. He saw Dr. Kimbro and was immediately taken by what it was saying. He just started a new job as the Executive Director of a local medical society and was so impressed with the video that he borrowed it to take to his first staff meeting to show his staff so that they can get started on the right foot together. He said that the tape was truly a wonderful tool!

This is also going to be a great motivational tool for my staff retreat. I don't know if I told you, but I am an attorney who is an elected Public Defender. I look forward to your tape being the match that will spark the flames that will enable my office to carry out the key principles of success described by Dr. Kimbro. Thank you for you contribution to the success of my retreat!"

Ardena Garth Hicks
Public Defender
Chattanooga, Tennessee

The following quotes are taken from a letter to Joan Holman from Karen S. Kunzman, President, Workflow Management Systems. Karen was not acquainted with Joan Holman but viewed The Legacy of Achievement on television.

Karen Kunzman's comments about the program:

Program Has Had Profound Influence On Me
"The Legacy of Achievement has had a profound influence on me, and it has made a difference in my life."

A Breath of Fresh Air
"I watch very little television. Over the years, I've become tired of the steady decline in standards, violence portrayed as entertainment, and talk shows which consist of dysfunctional people blaming others for their problems. I refuse to watch programs that focus on the dark side of human behavior, real or imagined.

For my investment of time, I want to learn something and be uplifted. I don't even check the television listings anymore, because I am usually disappointed after I watch most programs.

Then one, day, I happened upon a program, The Legacy of Achievement - what a breath of fresh air.

I remember that day well because I was particularly busy. I was working on a deadline and had hours of paperwork ahead of me, and also hours of practicing for a musical performance I was giving. When it was time for a lunch break, I decided I could spare only 10 minutes. I sat down to eat and turned on the television. I caught your program just after it started.

I was astounded. Here was a real person, telling about overcoming obstacles to reach a high level of success and personal statisfaction. This was information I could use to improve my life. I was fascinated. I kept telling myself, `I'll watch for just a few more minutes, because I have to get back to work.' But the next person who was profiled was just as intriguing.

I told myself I would watch just one more profile. But then the next person was also very inspiring. I couldn't stop watching, and I continued to watch until I had watched the entire program."

A Program To Be Watched Again And Again
"This is a program that I could watch again and again because it contains so much valuable information. This program was so compelling, that for days I couldn't get it out of my mind. My mood was very up and I felt inspired to work on some goals I had been putting off. I still think about the program and how valuable it has been for me."

A Program for All Age Levels
"This program is worthwhile for people of all ages all backgrounds. It is helpful for anyone who needs to be motivated. A program like this can literally transform a person's life."

Make It A Regular Television Series
"I would like to see The Legacy of Achievement become a regular television series. A program on real people telling how they achieved success on their own merits would be timeless and successful."

If You Produce It, I Will Watch It
"Thank you for The Legacy of Achievement and please continue to produce high-quality programs that celebrate the human spirit. I'm reminded of the phrase, `If you build it, they will come.' I would change it to `If Joan Holman produces it, I will watch it- over and over and over again'."

Other Comments About The Legacy of Achievement

"We use The Legacy of Achievement in our training for all of our sales people. It's fantastic!"
Mike Danielson, Vice President, Media Relations

"The greatest investment a company has is its people. Any corporation that can help its employees to develop a positive mental attitude and the other qualities outlined by Dr. Kimbro in The Legacy of Achievement will definitely have a competitive advantage."
Ken Morris, Management Consultant

"The Legacy of Achievement is a tribute not only to those whose stories it tells, but to the loving hearts who fulfilled their vision of bringing these wonderful stories to those who will surely be inspired to hear them."

"Dennis Kimbro is highly effective and speaks eloquently about a worthy theme. The interviews with Dean Mitchell and Reatha Clark King spoke to me powerfully."
Jon Prin, Producer and Owner, JP Mediaworks

"I have viewed hundreds of video products over the years for corporate training, but rarely have I been so moved as I was by The Legacy of Achievement."
Linda Russell, Executive Vice-President, Excellence in Training Corporation

"Those who view The Legacy of Achievement will receive precise keys to help them succeed in work and in life. In this era of uncertainty, the surest way to insure your value in the workplace is to cultivate the qualities that Dennis Kimbro outlines in this program."
Myrna Marofsky, Vice-President, Professional Development Group

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