JOAN PROVIDED INVALUABLE HELP WITH MY BOOK– "Joan Holman was an integral force in the development of my book Dear Success Seeker: Wisdom from Outstanding Women (Simon & Schuster). She was involved in securing key contributors to the book, (including an exclusive interview with Gayle King) and she provided invaluable consultation about the positioning and marketing of the book. Joan is a passionate, committed and dedicated person and her involvement with my book has been an immense blessing. But equally as important, she has been a blessing in my life as a supporter, encourager and friend. When I count my blessings, I count Joan Holman twice!" 

Michele Wright, Ph.D., author

JOAN HOLMAN IS A TRUE LIGHT IN THIS WORLD– "Joan Holman is a well-spring of spiritual wisdom and business acumen. And she cares and gives. A true light in this world."

Patrick Combs, best-selling author of Major in Success, inspirational speaker & performing artist

JOAN HOLMAN HAS A BRILLIANT MARKETING MIND–"Joan Holman is someone you want on your entrepreneurial development team. She has a brilliant marketing mind and really knows the Internet!"

Natalie L. Wood, founder, MizBiz

JOAN HOLMAN IS A BOOK GURU & A GUIDING LIGHT–I think of Joan as a BOOK GURU.  She has been a guiding light in the production of my first ebook, which is also being made available as a print on demand book. She read my romantic, historical thriller and immediately diagnosed a slow-moving beginning that needed to be a better match to the action-filed middle and end. She looked at the cover and shared insights on how to give it more appeal, everything from costuming to subtitle. She constructed a striking website that reflects my vision for the book with verbal hooks to catch the right reader.  She came up with clever additions to engage the website visitor, like if Blame it on Bovary were made into a movie who would be the leading lady.  Joan offers a wealth of experience to the writers enter this new world of publishing.

Elaine Wagner

author of Blame it on Bovary, Feeling the Distance, A Case of Bottled Murder

JOAN HOLMAN IS PURE GOLD–"After completing my travel memoir, "Drawn by a Star", and deciding I needed help to market it because the proceeds of the book are going to two charities in Peru, I surfed the net and almost immediately found Joan Holman’s website. I can’t describe the excitement I felt as I read about her credentials. Joan is an artist, a writer, a psychologist, has worked in the film industry...and the list grew more and more interesting. As an artist, a scriptwriter and as yet unpublished author myself, I felt I’d struck gold.  But, after an initial couple of emails I wondered if I was going to be right out of my depth.  Here was a highly professional person so successful and so accomplished, was she going think marketing my work a waste of her time?  On the contrary, what has transpired has been helpful guidance beyond anything I could ever have imagined.   Joan is a sensitive artist, a highly gifted writer and communicator, plus she is a former teacher of psychology. She has treated my manuscript with huge respect and interest, made me feel a real writer and made me feel a friend. And possibly the most helpful aspect of all my work with her to date has been her amazing ability to ask the deepest of questions.   These questions have clarifed the bigger picture of what I’m trying to express in my book and to solve in my life, because the two are indisputably intertwined. This is where she put on her psychologist’s hat.  I felt I was in the presence of a great mentor, somebody whose insights and awareness left me unable to walk away from her questions.  In her questioning, I’ve been challenged to rewrite the final section of my book, and in doing so, have exorcised a secret that has haunted me for 36 years. The release from this is priceless. Whatever happens to the marketing of my book and its future, my own future is now brighter and lighter and sparkles thanks to the expertise, guidance and encouragement of this extraordinary person who so generously is willing to go the extra mile with her clients.  Thank you Joan, you are quite simply, pure gold."

Meg Robinson

JOAN HOLMAN IS ONE OF THE FEW WOMEN WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO USE THE INTERNET TO BUILD ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS. HER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT MARKETING ON THE INTERNET IS AMAZING!–"Joan Holman is one of the brightest women I know. Her knowledge about marketing on the Internet is amazing. She is one of very few women who actually knows how to use the Internet to build any type of business." 

Kris Solie-Johnson, Owner & Chancellor, American Institute of Small Business

"LOOK NO FURTHER TRYING TO FIND A WEBSITE DESIGNER & ONLINE MARKETING & BRANDING EXPERT.Joan Holman has been instrumental to the success of my business.She has taken my company to the next level with our development. In my search for a new website and online marketing company it became very important that I find an industry leader. My first meeting with Joan was a magnificent moment because I realized I found just the right person and company. Joan was delightful to work with and also helped guide me with new ideas and goals for our company. In less than two weeks Joan had the new website up and published with immediate effect to the amount of calls I received. She also helped to rebrand my corporate image with a new logo that tied together perfectly with the new website. Look no further trying to find an online marketing expert." (www.premiertravelltd.com)

John Brawley, President, Premier Travel Service

JOAN HOLMAN HAS BEEN INVALUABLE IN OUR BUSINESS–"Joan Holman is one of my all time favorite people and has been invaluable in our business. If you need expert advice, get it from Joan!"

Randy Rogers, CEO & President, Capital Benefits Group

JOAN REALLY PUTS HEART INTO HER WORK FOR YOU–"Joan Holman listened to my vision for my business and translated it into a website. Lots of people will build you a website; Joan will build you one with heart." 

–Paul Bosman, BosmanLegal, PC

JOAN HOLMAN'S ONLINE MARKETING AUDIT IS OF GREAT VALUE! –“Joan Holman's online marketing audit was of great value! She gave me specific recommendations that are easy to implement. She also made it easy to comprehend verbally and with written instructions. I would highly recommend her audit!"

Julie Ann Segal, President, Metropolitan Interiors

JOAN HOLMAN IS MAKING MY WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!  MY SALES HAVE INCREASED BY 50%!–"The new website Joan Holman has developed for my company has increased our sales by 50%." 

Steve Van Oss, President, First Pitch 

A GIFTED LEADER–"Joan Holman is a truly gifted leader and outstanding community servant. She is creative, sensitive, and committed to the best products, to do the most good, for the most people. She clearly cares for enhancing opportunity for the disadvantaged. Her work is uplifting to others, substantive and inclusive of all races, ages, gender and cultural backgrounds. This is just the kind of person Joan is." 

Dr. Reatha Clark King, former Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, General Mills Foundation

THE GREATNESS OF JOAN HOLMAN–"Joan Holman has a relentless focus to produce something positive to lift the human spirit. I can't say enough to describe the GREATNESS of Joan Holman other than she is in simple terms a GREAT HUMAN BEING and for that she will always have my friendship and support." 

Dean L. Mitchell, acclaimed artist

JOAN HOLMAN IS A FABULOUS COMBINATION OF CREATIVE SPIRIT & PRACTICAL BUSINESS SENSE–"Joan is a fabulous combination of creative spirit and practical business sense. Her creativity helped develop my book into something more beautiful and compelling than I had ever imagined. And with her down-to-earth business talents, Joan created a step-by-step plan to bring this book into the world in a very powerful and effective way. Joan is generous with her knowledge and her resources, and she is a joy to work with." 

Barb Greenberg, author of "After The Ball: A Woman's Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After"

NO ONE AS GIFTED IN MARKETING AS JOAN HOLMAN–"Joan's creative work is exceptional.There is no one as gifted in marketing, particularly internet marketing as Joan." 

LeAnn Coe, Former Director Strategic Alliances and Events, Pearson School Systems

JOAN HOLMAN IS VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY, PRINT & WEB–"Joan Holman is extremely creative. Very knowledgeable about the publishing industry, print and web. She is also great fun!"

Jan Lowe, President, Rehabilitation Consultants 

FOR THE BEST ONLINE MARKETING ADVICE & WEBSITE, CONSULT WITH JOAN HOLMAN–"In working with Joan Holman it is abundantly clear that she has the expertise necessary to asses the needs of each business in order to create an optimal web presence. Joan listened carefully to my descriptions of my services as a family law attorney and the audience I want to reach through internet marketing. Her assessment of how to best design the language necessary for optimal visibility through online search engines and the delivery of an actual constructed website was both speedy and on point. I will continue to rely on Joan Holman Productions for the best online marketing advice as the site she has already constructed for me will grow my business and require even further evolution of my web presence.

Kathryn Murphy, Family Law Attorney

JOAN HOLMAN DESIGNED A FABULOUS WEBSITE IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME–"I am so grateful to Joan Holman who designed a fabulous website for me. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and fun to work with.  She had my website finished in a short period of time and she is making my wildest dreams come true." (www.joyandcointeriordesigns.com)

Joy Norenberg, Interior Designer

JOAN HOLMAN IS FABULOUS–"I cannot thank you enough for the time and energy you have spent helping me with my online marketing. I have shared your work with my colleagues and told them how creative and fabulous you are."

Jill Goldstein, Goldstein Mediation

THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE FOOTPRINT JOAN HOLMAN LEFT IN MY PATH– "You are the most honest, captivating, generous, and inspiring woman that I have ever had the opportunity to meet. I left our meeting yesterday with a mind spinning with energy and a heart filled with inspiration. There are no words to describe the footprint you have left in my path." 

Angela Olson, President and Founder of AllThings, Inc.

JOAN HOLMAN IS A TOP NOTCH EXPERT– "Joan Holman is delightful to work with! Her expertise in marketing, web design and book publishing is top notch. Joan is creative and can take on any project with great results."

Kian Dwyer, Founder at World Help Organization

I LOVE THE WEBSITE JOAN HOLMAN DEVELOPED FOR ME. IT IS EXACTLY THE IMAGE I WANT TO PROJECT AND IT PROVIDES THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO MARKET MY BOOK– “I contacted Joan Holman when I first wrote my book, We Love Our Country. I needed guidance on how to market as a self-published author, and I definitely needed professional help in creating a website and developing a marketing plan to promote my book. Joan and I met and together we identified my target audience and created my marketing image (logo, email and website names). She created a truly professional website with capabilities to track the traffic. All of this I could not have done myself. She continues to update my website and always has the latest and greatest tips and trends to suggest. Joan also is known as an expert in online marketing and she gave me tips and guidance that got me set up and in business almost immediately. It is necessary to market online and again, it was something I could not have learned or figured out by myself. Visit my website, www.weloveourcountryonline.com, to see the excellent work Joan is capable of doing.”

Mary L. Amlaw, author

JOAN HOLMAN IS EXTREMELY TALENTED WITH WEBSITE DESIGN–"I am so thankful for Joan Holman!  She recently built a new website for me that is outstanding. Joan is extremely talented with website design.  I have already had success of clients finding me from my new website.  I am confident that Joan Holman will help me build a successful business.  I know she can do the same for anyone reading this.  Thank you Joan!"

 Dennis Dane, CPA, President, Dane Tax Solutions, LLC, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

JOAN HAS GREAT REVENUE-GENERATING IDEAS–"I attended Joan’s “Self Publishing Success Secrets” presentation at the Minneapolis Photo Center on March 25, 2010. One month later, the book I’d had on the back burner for months was in print. Since Joan is a known book expert, it was no surprise that she had good information to share. The difference is that so much of what Joan shared was super simple and instantly applicable, yielding excellent results very quickly. Here’s my personal promise to you: If you attend any event at which Joan is a speaker, you’ll come away with at least one revenue-generating idea that you can implement quickly and easily."

Rebecca Smith, author 

WORKING WITH JOAN IS TRULY A GIFT! SHE HAS A PASSION FOR HER CLIENTS– "What sets Joan apart from others in her field is a passion for her clients.  Joan takes the time to understand your vision and then accesses her vast knowledge and talents with extraordinary results.  Working with Joan is truly a gift, and her strategic marketing and business skills make her an excellent consultant for any organization wanting to grow and prosper." 

Barb Greenberg, divorce coach and author


"Joan Holman has created an amazing website for my book, and she has provided me with invaluable consult about my book. Whatever happens to the marketing of my book and its future, my own future is brighter and lighter and sparkles thanks to the expertise, guidance and encouragement of this extraordinary person who so generously is willing to go the extra mile with her clients.  Thank you Joan, you are quite simply, pure gold.”–Meg Robinson, Artist & Author

JOAN HOLMAN'S BOOK MARKETING PRESENTATION WAS AWESOME– "Joan Holman's presentation on BOOK MARKETING was awesome. She is an outstandingly knowledgeable, articulate, engaging presenter and I totally enjoyed her workshop. My only complaint was that it was too short! Joan's workshop was a great opportunity to learn from a true mentor.  She skillfully shared her vast knowledge gleaned from years of experience, giving real-world examples to demonstrate her points. She offered tips on how to avoid some of the challenges and pitfalls both the experienced and emerging writer faces in attempting to get their work published and encouraged all writers to use their writing to serve the common good. Joan has a lot to share and does so in a very engaging way. Very highly recommended! " 

Pat Schoenecker

JOAN HOLMAN MAKES CONNECTIONS THAT ARE TRULY ELECTRIC!– "Joan Holman is a surprise package full of practical, strategic ideas for marketing and improving a business. She can easily get into 'your box' to help you think outside of it. Joan's magnetic personality makes her the center of a vast network of talented, energetic people from dozens of fields and she is generous in making connections that are truly electric!" 

Doris Rubenstein, President, Philanthrophy Development Services

JOAN HOLMAN IS A GREAT MARKETING STRATEGIST & WEB SITE DEVELOPER –"Joan Holman did a wonderful job of developing my Web site and providing me with marketing strategies to take me to the next stage of my business."

Carlian Dawson, Owner of Kisses From Me

JOAN HOLMAN IS OUR MARKETING HERO & PROVIDES LEADERSHIIP & STRATEGIC DIRECTION FOR US– "Joan Holman is our 'Marketing Hero.' She is a woman of many talents and has provided extremely valuable leadership, strategic direction and a variety of services to Sister Rosalind's Schools and Clinics of Massage. This includes the development and management of our Web sites as well as online and offline marketing, promotion, advertising and public relations. When Joan recommended the publishing of a biography of Sister Rosalind, she did extensive research and wrote an outstanding book. In addition, she managed the entire production, publishing and distribution of the book. She has been successful in getting our Web sites to the top of the search engines and keeping them there. She has generated positive feature stories in magazines and newspapers. She also took the initiative to produce important archival video footage to preserve the legacy of Sister Rosalind. I would highly recommend Joan to any organization seeking someone of exceptional talent and dedication. She is a pleasure to work with and has made a significant contribution to our organization."

Peter Fahnlander, President

 Sister Rosalind Schools and Clinics of Massage

Praise for Joan Holman

"Joan Holman's skillset is one in a million and worth every penny!!" (Christina Schulz)

"To not use Joan Holman on any project, whether it be marketing, creation of a web site or developing a book you’ve been meaning to write would be a HUGE mistake. Joan Holman is first class all the way. Saying WOW about what she will do for you would be the understatment of the century. I thought I had a pretty good handle on what I needed to make a great online impression. Little did I know that my vain attempt at putting together a marketing website was futile to say the least.  I look at where I started and where I am now and am so grateful that I had the good fortune of bumping into the likes of Joan Holman. 


Joan Holman not only created the most fantastic web site for me (www.christinanetworkdiva.com), she took charge of developing it into a very powerful marketing tool. She took time to understand who I really am and what I am really trying to accomplish with my business. She also determined what my specific market is and then created the most perfect impression to help me achieve my business goals. I totally feel like I have the winning edge because of her insight and expertise.  

Joan is also a fantastic marketing copywriter and great at naming and branding. When it comes to making words sing and jump off of a page, Joan Holman is the master!!  She took a simple idea I had for a tag line and turned it into a sizzlin’ phrase I can use on all of my marketing, including my business cards, letterhead, email and more!!  Thank you, Joan, for helping me look great!!”

JOAN HOLMAN'S WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE IS IMPRESSIVE–"I was at your Bonus Forum session earlier today, and wanted you to know that I enjoyed it immensely! Your wealth of knowledge, generosity in sharing it, and enthusiasm were so impressive! I just looked at some of your website and signed up for your newsletter and look forward to learning more from you. Thanks! .....I LOVED your points about Napoleon Hill and telepathy and how the internet is almost a manifestation of that (in its better, more noble uses, at least!). It really is awesome, and your description of your magnificent journey was very inspiring!  Again, thanks, Joan."

Carol Brusegar

JOAN HOLMAN IS A CAPTIVATING SPEAKER–"I recently heard Joan give a speech and her presence on stage was captivating. She easily kept me riveted the entire time. She speaks passionately, openly and from the heart with warmth and a genuine personality. When she presents from the stage, you feel as if she's connecting with you directly on personal level. I highly recommend Joan for any speaking engagement. She's entertaining, thoughtful and informative."

Brenda Piekarski 

AMAZING TEACHER–"Your handouts alone were worth the price of the conference. I am finding them very helpful in planning my website launch."

Gail Ravnitzky, Gift Ideas Online, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

JOAN HOLMAN REALLY UNDERSTANDS THE INTERNET–"I recently attended Joan's workshop at the E-Ventures conference in Washington, DC and was thoroughly impressed by the breadth and depth of her presentation. Joan really understands the ins and outs of the Internet, and brings a refreshing combination of technical and marketing expertise to the table. I highly recommend Joan and her workshops to anyone that is serious about utilizing the Internet to support their business. I know that I will be calling her when I put my site up!"

Lisa A.K. Kirchenbauer, CFP President

Kirchenbauer Financial Management & Consulting / Financial Planner (Washington, D.C.)

GREAT INFORMATION WELL PRESENTED–"I really enjoyed your presentation at the Bloomington Writer's Festival - very forthright and informative."

Paul Miller

INSPIRING SPEAKER–"Just wanted to again thank you for the inspiring talk ....I had thousands of ideas afterwards....hope I can put them to good use!"

Connie Keithahn


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