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Driving Your Profit

Driving Your Profit
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Holman Marketing
November 16th, 2022

Driving your profit – what does it mean for Holman?

Traditionally, there were differences between B2C and B2B journeys, but the boundaries are becoming blurred. Our fleet customers approach spending company money like a consumer. They’re cost-sensitive, tech-savvy and driven to get the best deals.

At Holman, we understand that changes in the B2C consumer proposition are influencing B2B sales processes – and we’re changing as a result. Recognising that our customers are more informed and pushed to secure the best deals and prices is integral to our future success.

We’re moving beyond being a provider. Instead, we’re a partner in driving your profit.

Informed purchase

Consider the last big purchase you made. Did you walk into a shop or showroom without doing any prior research into products, features, and prices? The answer is almost certainly no.

Today, we all have access to a massive amount of information on the businesses we buy from. It’s easy to access websites, search reviews, and compare prices. Add to that the insights we can get from informal networks of peers and social media, and it’s apparent we can form a strong opinion about a business before stepping foot over the threshold.

B2C retailers know that entering a showroom is, in most cases, one of the final steps in the customer journey. At Holman, we recognise that B2B customers are the same.

Of course, investing in a fleet of vehicles isn’t the same as buying a TV or a camera, but the same principles apply. We know that before signing contracts, customers do checks, and we must ensure that our services meet your expectations.

Transparency = Trust

Fleet operators typically receive a fixed fee for a service, which leaves many unsure whether they’re getting the best deal. This uncertainty can impact decisions and confidence. When a contract needs to be renewed, buyers face two choices: push the incumbent for a better deal or engage the market.

We recognise that the traditional payment-by-outcomes model, where buyers receive a single price for a complete service, isn’t appropriate. Instead, business buyers want to understand what each aspect of every service costs and the service level customers can expect.

Central to Holman’s continued success is the transparency we give all customers in our processes and prices. We do this because we understand it’s the only way to establish trust.

To support customers through the journey, we’ve developed a 4-stage process covering the entire fleet lifecycle. From purchase to operation, servicing and sale, Holman acts as a partner providing informed and intelligent solutions.

Personal connections that drive profit

We know that our customers are cost sensitive and tech-savvy. Therefore, they will research the products and understand prices before they begin the purchase process.

They’re under pressure to get the best deals on vehicles and maintenance contracts,  but they’re also people with thoughts and feelings. All customers want to feel valued and respected and that their specific demands are recognised.

Holman is a family business whose reputation is based on the personal connections we build with every customer. These relationships, established in some cases over decades, are central to our success – but we don’t take them for granted. We work harder every day to gain your trust, secure your business, and drive your profit.

From staying on top of disruptive technologies to making do with limited resources, Fleet Management comes with many challenges. Holman’s complete solution enables you to ensure your fleet investment is working for you.

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