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Website Creation, Website Makeovers, Website Content Development, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Internet Consulting: Phone consults as well as in-person meetings

Website Analysis - Includes critical analysis of business strategy for site, content, design, search engine optimization, marketing issues, usability and more. Recommendations will be made for improving your Web site. Be aware that the actual design and content of your Web site is critical for getting listed properly in the search engines and for getting marketing results.

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Joan Holman Creates New Branding & New Website for Premier Travel

Premier Travel is a full-service travel agency located in Plymouth, Minnesota – www.premiertravelltd.com

Joan Holman Creates New Book Marketing Website for authors Jane Stevenson and Bilal Kaafarani:

BREAKING AWAY: How Great Leaders Create Innovation that Drives Sustainable Growth–and Why Others Fail

Joan Holman Works with Charter School for New Branding & Online Marketing

Joan Holman was hired to work with North Lakes Academy in Forest Lake, Minnesota to help them with new branding, the creation of a new logo and corporate identity, tag line as well as online and offline marketing strategies. – www.northlakesacademy.org

Joan Holman Works with Internet Retailer on Company Re-Branding

FifthRoom Markets is an online retailer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Joan Holman consulted with the company about re-branding, a new corporate identity, new logo and online marketing strategies.–www.fifthroommarkets.com

Joan Holman Designs Website for Interior Designer Joy Norenberg 

Joy Norenberg is an interior designer based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. –www.joyandcodesigns.com

Joan Holman Designs Website for Minnesota Company First Pitch 

First Pitch manufactures baseball and softball pitching machines. Joan designed the site, developed the content, optimized the site for search engines, did the copywriting for the site and the marketing strategy for the site. –

- www.firstpitch.com

Joan Holman Designs Website for CPA Firm Dane Tax Solutions

Dane Tax Solutions, LLC, is a C.P.A. firm located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul which provides comprehensive services in the areas of accounting and tax for individuals, small business owners and nonprofits. 

The President of the firm, Dennis Dane, is also a top amateur triathlete.–www.danetax.com

Joan Holman Designs Website for Irish Artist & Author Meg Robinson

Meg Robinson wanted to promote her book "Drawn by A Star" and hired Joan Holman to develop a website for the book. – www.drawnbyastar.com


"Joan Holman Is Extremely Talented with Web Design. I am so thankful for Joan Holman!  She recently built a new website for me that is outstanding. Joan is extremely talented with website design. I have already had success of clients finding me from my new website. I am confident that Joan Holman will help me build a successful business. I know she can do the same for anyone reading this.  Thank you Joan!" (Dennis Dane, CPA, President, Dane Tax Solutions, LLC)

"I am so grateful to Joan Holman who designed a fabulous website for me. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and fun to work with.  She had my website finished in a short period of time and she is making my wildest dreams come true." -- Joy Norenberg, Joy and Co. Interior Designs

"Joan Holman Has Created An Amazing Website for My Book and she has provided me with invaluable consult about my book. Whatever happens to the marketing of my book and its future, my own future is brighter and lighter and sparkles thanks to the expertise, guidance and encouragement of this extraordinary person who so generously is willing to go the extra mile with her clients.  Thank you Joan, you are quite simply, pure gold." -- (www.drawnbyastar.com– Artist, World Traveller & Author Meg Robinson)

"Joan Holman's Skillset Is One in A Million and Worth Every Penny!! To not use Joan Holman on any project, whether it be marketing, creation of a web site or developing a book you’ve been meaning to write would be a HUGE mistake. Joan Holman is first class all the way. Saying WOW about what she will do for you would be the understatment of the century. I thought I had a pretty good handle on what I needed to make a great online impression. Little did I know that my vain attempt at putting together a marketing website was futile to say the least.  I look at where I started and where I am now and am so grateful that I had the good fortune of bumping into the likes of Joan Holman." 


"Joan Holman not only created the most fantastic web site for me, she took charge of developing it into a very powerful marketing tool. She took time to understand who I really am and what I am really trying to accomplish with my business. She also determined what my specific market is and then created the most perfect impression to help me achieve my business goals. I totally feel like I have the winning edge because of her insight and expertise."  

"Joan is also a fantastic marketing copywriter and great at naming and branding. When it comes to making words sing and jump off of a page, Joan Holman is the master!!  She took a simple idea I had for a tag line and turned it into a sizzlin’ phrase I can use on all of my marketing, including my business cards, letterhead, email and more!!  Thank you, Joan, for helping me look great!!”  (Christina Schulz)

"I Love the Website Joan Holman Developed for Me. It Is Exactly the Image I Want to Project and it Provides the Information Needed to Market My Book.I contacted Joan Holman when I first wrote my book "We Love Our Country."  I needed guidance on how to market as a self-published author, and I definitely needed professional help in creating a website and developing a marketing plan to promote my book. Joan and I met and together we identified my target audience and created my marketing image (logo, email and website names). She created a truly professional website with capabilities to track the traffic to the site so I can know exactly how many visitors I have and how they find my website and use it. All of this I could not have done myself. She continues to update my website and always has the latest and greatest tips and trends to suggest. Joan also is known as an expert in online marketing and she gave me tips and guidance that got me set up and in business almost immediately. It is absolutely necessary to market online in today's world, and again, it was something I could not have learned or figured out by myself. If you visit my website at www.weloveourcountryonline.com, you will see the excellent work Joan is capable of doing." (Mary L. Amlaw, author)


1. How much should you invest in site development?

2. How can you use the Internet to enhance your business?

3. How can you build the most effective web site?

4. How can you take advantage of the Internet's opportunities?

5. Should you advertise on other Web sites on the Internet?

6. How effective is the Internet for direct sales?

7. How do you spread the news about your website?

8. If you currently have a website, how can you improve it?

9. How can the Internet fit into your marketing mix?

10. What are your competitors doing on the Internet?

11. What would be a reasonable amount of money to budget for website maintenance?

12. How do you attract traffic to your site?

13.How do you encourage repeat visits to your site?

14. What is the most wanted response from your website?

Why You Need Web Site Development & Internet Consulting with A CyberMarketing Edge

Design alone and computer programming alone do not make an effective Web site for a business. The site design and development should be based upon savvy cybermarketing expertise. This is a specialized field of marketing, which is unique and continually evolving. Remember that your website is a powerful marketing tool, and that there are different rules for creating marketing materials on the Web that in traditional print media.

There are design limitations on the Internet (including limitations on colors, sizes of graphics for download, etc.), and many elaborately-designed websites are not designed to work with lower level browsers, which may leave out some of your best prosects and customers. 

With over 2 billion people now having Internet access, more and more people are using the Web.

Many Web sites do not give visitors the information they are looking for, or make it hard to find the information visitors are looking for. Or the websites use special programming that requires a special plug-in, or that requires the newest version of a browser, thus making it impossible for some visitors to access and/or use the information on the site.

You need to design to the lowest common denominator of those visiting your Web site, remembering that visitors come from different kinds of computers and different versions of browsers. Also, be sure to break up your text into small sections and have lots of subtitles to make your page easy to read on the computer screen.

Other Web Site Development Considerations include:

  • The importance of titling the home page and other pages correctly in order to maximize the opportunity to be listed in search engines

  • The use of keywords in your page content to attract traffic to your site through the search engines

  • Including your website address on your web pages in case people print out those pages and keep them for future reference

  • Being careful about reverse type since it has been determined in studies that reverse type is very hard for the eye to read. And, of course, if someone wants to print your web page and it has reverse type, it may not print at all. Once you get your web site up, you need to properly promote your website, not only on the Internet, but toffline as well. You also need to try to get other sites to link to you. So, be sure to have in your website development budget some marketing dollars to promote your website. So many people develop a website and think that the traffic and business will just automatically come. This is not true. It takes marketing, both online and offline, to get traffic to your website. 

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