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Joan Holman Appointed as Book Consultant for Book Project:
"Career Wisdom: Success Advice from Outstanding Women Achievers"

Book Will Feature Gayle King, Della Reese, Shirley Jones, Rosa Parks, Cherie Carter-Scott, Nancy Wilson,
Billie Jean King, Dr. Mae Jemison, Terry McMillan, Marva Collins, Susan Taylor & Other Notable Women
with a Foreword by Dr. Camille Cosby

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New York Times Bestselling Author Harvey Mackay with Joan Holman. Harvey donated towards the funding for the first Legacy of AchievementTM program. Thanks, Harvey! This is a photo with my friend -- bestselling author, columnist, speaker, entrepreneur Harvey Mackay. Get a copy of "Mackay's 66" at www.mackay.com or in his book "Swim with the Sharks".

"The Legacy of Achievement is a program that gives inspiration along with education." -- best-selling author Harvey Mackay, Swim with the Sharks and Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty

"I watched your video, "The Legacy of AchievementTM " three days after I received it. It was everything I hoped it would be.

I am crazy about Dr. Dennis Kimbro. I have read "Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice" and am reading "What Makes the Great Great." As I was watching the video, my husband came into the room. He saw Dr. Kimbro and was immediately taken by what it was saying.

He just started a new job as the Executive Director of a local medical society and was so impressed with the video that he borrowed it to take to his first staff meeting to show his staff so that they can get started on the right foot together. He said that the tape was truly a wonderful tool!

This is also going to be a great motivational tool for my staff retreat. I don't know if I told you, but I am an attorney who is an elected Public Defender. I look forward to your tape being the match that will spark the flames that will enable my office to carry out the key principles of success described by Dr. Kimbro. Thank you for you contribution to the success of my retreat!"

Ardena Garth Hicks
Public Defender
Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I have viewed hundreds of video products over the years for corporate training, but rarely have I been so moved as I was by The Legacy of Achievement."
Linda Russell, Executive Vice-President, Excellence in Training Corporation
Info and Purchase of Legacy of AchievementTM Video

Joan Holman Announces
Legacy of Achievement Foundation

A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Creating & Disseminating An Educational Library of the Lives and Lessons of Great Achievers

Joan Holman with Original Legacy of AchievementTM Program Participants from left to right: Scott Olson, Founder, Rollerblade, Inc.; Dennis Kimbro, author, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice; Dr. Reatha Clark King, President, General Mills Foundation; Joan Holman, Producer of the Legacy of Achievement; Tom Gegax, Founder, Tires Plus; Arlene DeCandia, Founder, Riverwood Conference Center; Dean Mitchell, artist.

Creating An Educational Library Documenting the Lives and Lessons of Outstanding Individuals of All Races.

Programs Will Be Based Upon the Original Award-Winning Legacy of AchievementTM PBS Television Program

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -Joan Holman, President of Joan Holman Productions and creator and producer of the award-winning PBS television program The Legacy of AchievementTM , has established a nonprofit organization for the purpose of using film and video and other means to create and disseminate an educational library documenting the lives and lessons of outstanding individuals of all races who exemplify positive characteristics and accomplishments.

Seeking Out The "Jewels" to Be Positive Role Models
Ms. Holman says:
"We will seek out the `jewels', those great achievers who exemplify such qualities as faith; determination; perserverance; compassion; service; integrity; inspiration; and moral character. Individuals, especially young people, need to see positive role models who embody these characteristics, not just the usual celebrities, sports heroes, movie stars and rock stars who always get the limelight."
Shot on Location throughout the Country
Ms. Holman's original Legacy of AchievementTM television program was shot on location throughout the country, and included biographical backgrounds and personal interviews as well as a summary of the common characteristics of several high achievers. Corporate training and educational versions of the program were also created and are being distributed in those markets. Disney, IBM, Dupont, the University of Colorado, the University of South Carolina, Northwest Airlines, high schools, colleges and libraries are among those who have purchased the program. The National Association of the Deaf selected The Legacy of AchievementTM for captioning and distribution to the deaf community. (read more about the original program at www.holman.com/loa.html )

Television and Internet Broadcast
The video and film and other media programs created through the Legacy of Achievement Foundation will be made available for television and Internet broadcast. With high-speed Internet access coming to the masses in the near future, tens of millions of people will soon be able to watch streaming video, television programs and films on the Web. Ms. Holman has established a media channel on the Web at www.legacyofachievement.tv and plans to make programs available online.

Inspiring, Uplifting Programs
A video and film archive of some of the most inspiring and accomplished people of our times will serve as a living legacy to leave for future generations of young people and people of all ages. A non-profit organization was determined to be the best vehicle to fund this educational and humanitarian venture and support the efforts of Ms. Holman to document a diverse group of individuals and reach a large viewing audience on a global level. The Legacy of Achievement Foundation serves under the umbrella of the National Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. which has been helping individuals, corporations and communities express themselves in the charitable, educational, scientific and religious sector since 1968.

To make your tax-deductible contribution or for more information, contact Joan Holman at 763-551-3969.

  • These programs are will be of a very high level of production value
  • These programs are not just interviews, they are living portraits
  • These programs are moving and enlightening
  • These programs will bring great role models to a wider audience
  • These programs will not feature movie stars and other celebrities who are already well-known
  • These programs will recognize that there is more to success than money
  • These programs will reveal the spirit of the person profiled
  • These programs will be produced to uncover the beauty of the soul of the person profiled
  • These programs will feature the best of the human spirit
  • These programs need support from people who care about bringing positive role models to young people and all people through the media
  • The first program was broadcast on PBS stations nationally and has reached wide distribution to colleges, high schools, libraries and corporations

Please e-mail me or call me at 763-551-3969 if you want to discuss tax-deductible donations of stocks and securities, real estate and personal property, income-producing gifts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, endowments andother charitable giving options.

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