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Technology Meets Intuition:
A Woman's Secret Power on the Internet

7 Magical Steps for Using the Internet to Build The Life of Your Dreams
by Joan Holman / copyright Joan Holman

The stucture of the Internet has been built by men, and now, we women have our part to fulfill in using the Internet to positively change our lives and the lives of others for the better. Women have been identified as master relationship-builders by Faith Popcorn in her book EVEolution. Add to a woman's relationship-building skills her renowned power of intuition, and we have a magical combination of skills for using the Internet to build the life of our dreams.

A billion people now have online access. Women, who comprise over half of the online population, are using the Internet to connect with friends and family, to date, to shop, to gather product information, to seek out health resources, and to conduct business. Women by the millions are gathering in communities through e-mail discussion lists, online chat rooms, and through the many message boards available at,, and other women's Web sites which feature boards on such topics as entertainment, family, health, fitness, money, career, relationships, travel and spirituality.

How can you use your secret power as a woman to use the Internet to find the love, health, fulfillment, fame and /or fortune you are seeking? You can do so by following specific steps to tap the potential of the Internet for your life.

Every week you should spend at least two hours on the Internet with the purpose of using it to attract the positive things you want in your life. Millions of people, organizations, and businesses have Web sites and e-mail, so there is a point of connection with them online. You should read online articles, view Web sites, send e-mails, leave a footprint of yourself in newsgroups, discussion groups, and message boards. That footprint can be a comment, an article, something that indicates your interests, beliefs, talents, and desires.

An example of this is the area on where readers can leave comments about a specific book they have read. However, be sure that you include your name or pseudonym and an e-mail address to contact you. Many women create a non-identifying name and use a separate free e-mail account at Yahoo or Hotmail so they remain anonymous until such time they may wish to reveal their identity. You should go into the search engines and look for affinity groups, communities, support groups, organizations that are appropriate to your needs and interests. Actively seek out the information and connections you need to achieve your success.

The Sixth Sense and The Internet
The sixth sense is defined by Webster's dictionary as "a power of perception beyond the five senses: intuition". Visualize the Internet as a global mind connector - a physical counterpart to the collective mass consciousness.

The Internet is the place where you can tune into others telepathically and connect at the mental level, regardless of location. This is where your strong "sixth sense" as a woman can guide you to roam the world digitally for the appropriate person, opportunity, or information you need to manifest your goals. And by developing this feminine side to their being--the intuitive, feeling side--men also can access a hidden power that is extremely effective.

1. Write Down Your Intentions and Read Them Out Loud-- Before you go online, you should be mentally charged with your goals for your personal and professional success. Every day, even several times a day, read out loud a written statement of your intentions. Focus upon your intentions before your go online, send an e-mail, or conduct any other online activity.

2. Send Out Your Intentions to the Universe with Mental Images -- The mind is a broadcasting and receiving station and by focusing your mind on your goals, you will be broadcasting your intentions to the universe. Charge your intentions with intense desire and visual images to increase their power. Create a newspaper headline that summarizes your success such as "Jane Smith Finds Fabulous Business Partner on the Internet."

3. Receive Directions from the Universe -- Take time to receive back the directions and the information that will lead you to your success. This requires quieting the mind and listening to your inner voice. Do not skip this step! And be willing to follow the "hunches" you get when in receiving mode.

4. Now, Go Online and Use the Internet to Find People and Information that Will Lead You to Your Goals -- Go online and follow your intuition to find the people, the information, the opportunities, the events, the organizations and the news that will be a key to the manifestation of your intentions. Keep following the thread of Web sites, articles, etc., that you are being drawn to. Pay very close attention to what you find.

5. Keep An Internet Success Journal -- When you are surfing online, focused on your intentions, you will be guided by your intuition and come across many things which can help you manifest these intentions. Keep an Internet Success Journal and write down the Web site addresses, names, and pieces of information that you are attracted to at this time.

6. Follow up with Action--Contact the people and organizations that you find in this process -call them, e-mail them, and/or send a letter. If someone does not respond, keep trying. Perhaps you found out about an event that you should attend. Or an organization you should join. Do this, and keep moving forward with action, as one thing will lead to another.

7. Create and/or Revise A Web Site/Personal Web Page to Act as A Magnet for Your Success--Remember that you must also design and use a Web site or personal Web page in just the right way to attract that which you are seeking. Charge your Web pages with your intentions, be determined to build pages which will magnetize the right people and opportunities you seek. If you use a photo of yourself, have that photo taken with you totally concentrating on your intentions.


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