Drawer Unit - Long Heavy-Duty - Single Drawer


Keep it organized and in reach!

The Holman long heavy-duty drawer unit provides ready access to equipment and parts while standing outside the van.

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Weight 95.00 lbs Install Time (per two technicians): 0.3 hr
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Drawer Unit - Long Heavy-Duty - Single Drawer

This heavy duty draw extends 52" to ensure ease of access for all your parts and equipment while standing outside your van.

The product includes plus nuts required for installation. Consider purchasing our Plus Nut Tool (#P9902) if you don’t already have a plus nut installation tool.


  • Drawer comes with an automatic stop and is accessible from a standing position outside the van
  • Heavy-duty 58” long single drawer cabinet can be installed on the floor behind the bulkhead (side-door pull out), or on the floor along or beneath shelving (rear-door pull out)
  • Drawer units can be stacked on top of each other to add extra drawers
  • 52” drawer extension provides ready and outside-the-van access
  • Drawer has a 200 lb load capacity
  • Unit includes one 5” deep drawer
  • Includes 4 drawer dividers

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

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