Holman is pleased to make high-quality creative assets available for our distributor partners to help promote Holman products. These creative assets are available in the Holman distributor portal.


Holman Logo

Some of the creative assets in the distributor portal may have the Holman logo on them. Distributors must not alter the Holman logo in any way, including changing the color, changing the dimensions, positioning the logo at an angle, moving the logo elsewhere on the creative, etc.

A minimum clear space must be maintained around the Holman logo that is equal to or greater than the height of the letter “H” in the Holman logo. No other text, graphics, photos, or background patterns should intrude into the clear space area.

Brand Exclusive Assets

Distributors must not put logos of any other manufacturers on creative assets. The only logos that should appear on the creative assets we provide are for Holman and the distributor using the assets.


Authorized Use

Only authorized Holman Distributors may use creative assets provided in the Holman distributor portal. Distributors must be current on all invoices in order to use these assets.


General Guidelines

All advertising and marketing materials of Distributors, including, without limitation, all websites and online advertisements, that use the creative assets shall be in good taste; shall not be misleading, deceptive or false; shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and court decisions; shall be in accordance with these Branding Guidelines, and shall not disparage, impair or infringe the validity of and good will connected with the Holman logo or any other creative assets.



Distributors shall not make any misrepresentations about Holman or Holman products.


Messaging Language

Distributors shall not make superlative claims, such as “#1 Holman distributor” or similar claims.


Use and Distribution

Distributors are free to use the assets provided in the distributor portal in digital advertisements, print ads, and social media content to promote Holman Products.


Changes to These Guidelines

Holman reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines at any time. Upon request, Distributor shall provide examples of its use of the creative assets. Holman reserves the right to request that Distributors remove or alter content that violates these Branding Guidelines.


Failure to Adhere to These Guidelines

Holman reserves the right to rescind a distributor’s access to and/or use of Holman creative assets if Distributor fails to adhere to these guidelines.


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