Drop Down Ladder Rack - Single - ProMaster, Sprinter


Put your ladders within reach!

Our drop down ladder racks make it easy to load and unload your ladders with just a grab of a handle.

**Mount Kit Required**

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Weight 108.00 lbs Install Time (per two technicians): 1 hr
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Drop Down Ladder Rack - ProMaster, Sprinter

Single Drop Down ladder rack makes placement and removal of ladder racks simple and easy. Heavy-duty mechanism gently lowers and raises a ladder into position for easy loading and unloading. Available in white powder coat. Curb side only.


  • Adjustable Clamps firmly secure ladder to rack
  • Quick & Easy to Assemble and Install
  • Rung grips are adjustable to secure extension ladders of all sizes.
  • Rugged crossbows are low over van roof to reduce overall vehicle height and to facilitate loading and unloading.
  • Zinc epoxy primed for superior rust resistance.
  • Chip resistant powder coat finish.
  • Holman Warranty

Mounting Kits:

  • 40818 - Van Rack Mount Kit (Aluminum) - Mercedes Sprinter & Ram ProMaster
  • 4081P - Mount Kit - ProMaster
  • 4081S - Mount Kit - Sprinter
  • 4081SF - Mount Kit - Sprinter - Use with OEM Roof Rail

Vehicle Fit:

Std Roof Mercedes Sprinter Std Roof Ram ProMaster

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

Download the application guide to view complete vehicle fitment and accessories:

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