Shelf Unit - 26" W x 43" H x 14" D


Shelf Unit

Holman shelf units are the strongest in the industry.

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Weight 54.00 lbs Install Time (per one technician): 0.5 hr
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26" W x 43" H x 14" D Shelf Unit

Adjustable Van Shelf is not stand alone and must be attached to a 32" Adjustable Van Shelf or Compact Van partition.

The product includes plus nuts required for installation. Consider purchasing our Plus Nut Tool (#P9902) if you don’t already have a plus nut installation tool.


  • Heavy Lance Support Technology
  • Adjustable Shelf Lips
  • Contoured top design
  • Covered Steel Back Panels
  • Shelving accessories & addons
  • Powder Coated for Heavy duty Use
  • Thick Gauge steel
  • Mounting Brackets to walls & bolts to floor for mobile transport stability

Compatible Items

  • #48320 - 32" W x 60" H x 14" D Shelf Unit
  • #48324 - 32" W x 60" H x 14" D Shelf Unit
  • #4832A - 32" W x 43" H x 12" D HD Aluminum Shelf Unit
  • #4832L - 32" W x 43" H x 14" D Shelf Unit
  • #40670 - Perforated Partition - Compact Vans
  • #40680 - Wire Partition - Compact Vans
  • #4067A - Perforated HD Aluminum Partition - Compact Vans

Vehicle Fit

Ford Transit GMC Savana Ram ProMaster
Nissan NV GMC Chevy Express Mercedes Metris Mercedes Sprinter


Shelving Features

Strong, Quiet, Secure

With 16 gauge side panels and 18 gauge shelving, Holman shelves are built to take a beating. With a number of strength enhancing features, these shelves can withstand power tools, heavy parts and just about anything you can throw at them. Our folded steel shelf lip is the strongest in the industry.

With gusseted leg supports and weldnut attachments, we are so confident that every shelf comes with a structural warranty. We’ve designed our backing plates to be rattle free keeping the inside of your van quiet. And our strong mounting hardware you are worry free from our shelves ever breaking free.

  • Stronger - Gusseted end panels, weldnut attachments and thicker 16-gauge side panels
  • Quieter - Improved back panels reduce noise
  • More secure - Stronger mount brackets and angle braces

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