Cargo Rack PRO III Steel - Compact Vans or Trucks w/ Cap - 100" L


Sturdy and strong and can carry pretty much anything

Holman Cargo style racks are super strong and easy to use.

**Mount Kit Required: 4089D**

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Weight: 88.00 lbs Install Time: 0.8 hr
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Cargo Rack PRO III Steel - Compact Vans or Trucks w/ Cap - 100" L

This versatile rack has you covered no matter your cargo‚ sheet goods, ladders, carpet, or pipe. This rack can carry it all


100" L x 52.04" W x 9.46" H (6.3" side rail height)

Features & Benefits:

  • Rear roller bar has improved strength, and is vertically adjustable. Can be placed in line with other crossbars to act as extra load support.
  • New crossbars allow for two different rack mounting heights to better fit different vehicle roof shapes.
  • Crossbar attachment to side rails reduced from 4 carriage bolts and nuts per side, to one carriage bolt and nut per side.
  • Crossbar attachment curvature allows the side rail to rest on top of the crossbar before attachment for quicker installation.
  • Longer wind deflector bolts are easier to start threading for easier installation.
  • New side rail design fits into a smaller box to reduce shipping costs, shipping damage, and inventory space.
  • Black Gloss Finish
  • Holman Warranty

Compatible Items:

4089D – Mounting Kit - Transit Connect/Promaster City/NV200/City Express/Truck Caps for 8008A/8010A/8012A

81002 – Quick Clamp - Pro III Racks

31493 – Retractable Ratchet Straps – 2” W x 7’ L

31503 – Retractable Ratchet Straps – 1” W x 6’ L


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