Cargo Rack - PRO III HD Aluminum - Low Roof Transit, NV & ProMaster, Std Roof Sprinter, GM


A full size 5 crossbar, tube-style aluminum cargo rack with wind deflector and rear roller bar.

**Mount Kit Required**

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Weight 70.00 lbs Install Time (per two technicians): 1.25 hr
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Cargo Rack Full Size Aluminum - GM, Chevy Express, Transit, NV, Sprinter, ProMaster, Covered Service Bodies

Full-size aluminum cargo rack with wind deflector and rear roller bar

This versatile 5 crossbar rack with wind deflector and rear roller bar has you covered no matter your cargo‚ sheet goods, ladders, carpet, or pipe. This rack can carry it all.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rear roller bar has improved strength, and is vertically adjustable. Can be placed in line with other crossbars to act as extra load support.
  • New crossbars allow for two different rack mounting heights to better fit different vehicle roof shapes.
  • Crossbar attachment to side rails reduced from 4 carriage bolts and nuts per side, to one carriage bolt and nut per side.
  • Crossbar attachment curvature allows the side rail to rest on top of the crossbar before attachment for quicker installation.
  • Longer wind deflector bolts are easier to start threading for easier installation
  • New side rail design fits into a smaller box to reduce shipping costs, shipping damage, and inventory space.
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum tubing.
  • Stylish gloss black finish.
  • Bracket mounted wind deflector.
  • Sturdy rear roller bar for easy loading and unloading.
  • Smooth tubular components.
  • Holman Warranty

Vehicle Fit:

Savana & Chevy Express (requires 4089C Mount Kit) Ford Transit, Nissan NV, Mercedes Sprinter (requires 4089T Mount Kit)
Ram ProMaster (requires 4089P Mount Kit) Most Covered Service Bodies (requires 4089K mount kit) 

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

Download the application guide to view complete vehicle fitment and accessories:

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