The impact of COVID-19 and the Delta variant on supply chain delays and material shortages

The ways we work and do business have changed – some changes may even be permanent. One thing that hasn’t changed is that we’re still here to navigate challenging and unprecedented times with you – together. The Holman Way of doing business guides us to treat our people, business partners, and the community at large with respect and care.

Pandemic conditions continue to affect supply chains in the form of decreased production, material shortages, and volatile demand. Your Holman team is ready to help you navigate challenges around ordering timeframes and limited inventory.

We, along with our sister company ARI, are closely monitoring these supply chain disruptions as well as other industry impacts that could affect your business. Visit the Industry Information section to learn about possible disruptions to services like manufacturing, maintenance, departments of motor vehicles, and more.


Prevention Tips

Safety Tips for Vehicle Operators

Vehicle operators are strongly encouraged to take the following precautions:

Everyone should follow the guidelines published by the U.S. Center for Disease Control to limit the spread of coronavirus and the Delta variant. In addition, we strongly encourage vehicle operators to take these additional precautions: 

  • Wash your hands. Vehicle operators should wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water every time they stop and exit the vehicle. If soap and water is not available, they can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. View the Holman hand sanitation station.
  • Disinfect your vehicle. Vehicle operators should disinfect their vehicles by wiping them down with soap and water or a cleaning solution made specifically for vehicles. Do not use bleach or alcohol-based cleaners on leather surfaces, and be careful about getting water or other liquid near electronics. Vehicle operators should wear disposable gloves when disinfecting, and discard them after each use. They should also pay extra attention to parts of the vehicle that are touched frequently: steering wheel, control knobs, door handles, seat belts, and keys.
  • Keep your vehicle neat. Vehicle operators can limit the spread of the coronavirus by limiting the number of items they bring in and out of their vehicles. These items should be cleaned and disinfected, and drivers should wash their hands after doing so.


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