Upfit Messaging Kit for Distributors

Use these tools to show your customers that what they’re doing today is no longer viable. Then show them how, by working with you and Holman, they can blow open new and critical revenue streams. 

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Conversation Prompter:

A cheat-sheet of the message highpoints, as well as everything you need to get the attention of your customer, from email templates to phone and voicemail scripts.



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Executive Leave Behind:

Lays out the full case for why dealerships need to make a change, and why it’s most advantageous to work with you and Holman. Use as a leave behind after a meeting or as a stand-in if you have trouble getting a meeting.



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A visual, quick-hit overview of why dealerships need to reconsider their status quo and why they should work with you and Holman when they do. You can send via email or text, or you can use it as a visual aid in a face-to-face conversation.

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Presentation Guide:

A PDF walkthrough of the Slide Deck.




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Memorable Presentation Slide Deck:

A slide deck for you to use in video conferences or face-to-face discussions. It includes a talk track and is built on memorability principles.


Video Resources

Teaser Video:

An attention-grabbing piece you can send in an introductory email, via text, as a follow-up to a meeting, or post to social media. 



Memorable Presentation Example Recording:

See how Pete Gnatowski from Holman delivers the message with the animated presentation.