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You may find Holman (or Holman) products listed for sale on third-party websites like eBay, craigslist, Amazon, etc. Unfortunately, we have no control to guarantee those products being sold by unauthorized sellers are not used, opened with parts missing, or damaged. Therefore, we are unable to warranty, support or service any Holman products purchased from unauthorized sellers.


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Holman extends to the original retail purchaser of this Holman product the following Limited Warranty.

WARRANTY: This LIMITED WARRANTY is made by Holman, with an address at: 11261 TRADE CENTER DR. RANCHO CORDOVA, CA 95742. Holman WARRANTS FOR A PERIOD OF 36 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE BY THE ORIGINAL RETAIL PURCHASER, THIS PRODUCT WILL BE FREE FROM MATERIAL DEFECT AS TO MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING, NAMELY OR STRUCTURAL FAILURES. During such 36 months, if Holman determines this product has a material defect as described in the prior sentence, Holman, at its option and expense, will either replace or repair this product. This warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, shipping damage, product misuse (including abnormal use or handling and improper installation or maintenance), road hazards, impairment from accidents, alterations, and overloading of the product. Impairment from product misuse, impairment from accidents and product alterations render this warranty null and void. This warranty may not be changed or otherwise modified except in writing signed by an authorized representative of Holman, and supersedes all other terms and conditions in any other document, including any purchase order.

THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. ALL OTHER EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS, NONINFRINGEMENT AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. In no event will Holman be liable or responsible to the purchaser or any third party, including any employees or agents of the purchaser, any customer of the original retail purchaser or employees or agents of such customer, any other users of the product or a vehicle in which this product is installed, or family member or person with a special relationship with any of the foregoing. In no event will Holman be liable or responsible to the purchaser or any third party, for damages of any type, whether for breach of contract, tort or otherwise, and whether for death, physical injury or property damage. In no event will Holman be liable or responsible for any direct damages, or indirect damages. Without limiting the forgoing, in no event will Holman be liable or responsible for consequential damages (including lost profits, lost savings, loss of use, or cost of capital), or incidental, general, special, exemplary or punitive damages. Holman's sole undertaking is to the original retail customer of this product, and then only to repair or replace this product as per the terms of this Warranty. This warranty is a LIMITED WARRANTY, and its terms and conditions should be reviewed and understood prior to any purchase of this product or subsequent action, including installation or use. The terms "include" and "including" as used in this Warranty mean "include without limitation" and "including without limitation."