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Joan Holman's knowledge about marketing on the Internet is AMAZING

Kris Solie-Johnson, President, American Institute of Small Business



AUTHOR, BOOK DEVELOPMENT, COVER DESIGN, PUBLISHING MANAGEMENT, BOOK MARKETINGJoan Holman authored Hands That Touch, Hands That Heal, the biography of renowned massage pioneer Sister Rosalind Gefre (who has been featured in Time Magazine). Joan designed the book cover and provided book marketing services. 

I could hardly believe how Joan Holman was able to write a biography of my life in a way that so accurately reflected my own voice. I was amazed at how well she presented my life experiences as well as my personal inner life, and so many people have told me that reading that book has changed their lives. Sister Rosalind Gefre


ART DIRECTION FOR BOOK COVER DESIGN, BOOK MARKETING, WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Madame Alexandra’s Rules of Business is a business book by successful entrepreneur Claude Roessiger. Joan did art direction for the book cover, consulted to Claude on the development and publication of the book, created a website for the book, generated book reviews, a radio show interview, and coverage by book bloggers. 

Joan Holman helps entrepreneurs, business leaders and authors build their brands; write, publish and market their books; and grow their businesses. Joan provides invaluable advice and resources for effectively using online marketing including websites and social media.


NATIONALLY-ACCLAIMED ONLINE MARKETING GURU JOAN HOLMAN FEATURED IN BOOKJoan Holman's name leads the list of top online marketing experts (including VPs of Yahoo! and Google) featured in the book “Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus.” (John Wiley & Sons, a world-respected publishing company whose brands include Dummies, Frommers, Cliff  Notes and J.K. Lasser.). Joan was one of the first individuals in the world (in 1995) to develop websites and do online marketing, and her work has generated millions of dollars for her clients. 

In today’s online world, almost all book marketing is online marketing.


BRANDING & DOMAIN NAME STRATEGISTNaming, branding and domain name selection are Joan Holman’s sweetspot. Joan developed the Type A Tribe brand identity for Kay Cannon, a Master Certified Coach and Founder of a successful Consultancy in working with highly motivated Type A executives across professional sports, television, retail, oil and gas, health care, manufacturing, food services, hospitality, and financial services industries.


CONSULTANT TO LEADERS & INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE– Joan works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, speakers, and leaders in business, education, healing, spirituality, women’s issues. She was a consultant to the Superintendent of the Minneapolis Public Schools (see photo to left) whom she advised about communications, media relations, public affairs, and the re-design of the MPS website.

BUSINESS INNOVATORJoan received the National Association of Women Business Owners Innovative Business Award and is Publishing Editor for Innovation Excellence, the world’s most popular innovation website.


TELEVISION & FILM PRODUCTION– Joan created and produced the award-winning PBS television program THE LEGACY OF ACHIEVEMENT, featured in Success Magazine, and was instrumental in establishing Hollywood feature film production in Minnesota.

JOAN HOLMAN MENTORED BY TOP MARKETING GURU JAY ABRAHAMAs my marketing mentor Jay Abraham says: "Marketing is the most important lucrative element of business."  Jay is one of the world's top marketing consultants and he has significantly increased the bottom lines of more than 10,000 clients in over 400 industries worldwide.

Joan Holman Is the Founder of Two LinkedIn Groups:

Self Publishing Zone and Women Empowering Women



Since 1995 I have been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, publishers, authors, and professionals use the Internet for marketing. My services include:

In Today’s Online World, Online Visibility and Credibility Are Crucial to Your Success.–In fact, your business is in danger of losing its customers to other businesses that know how to market more effectively online than you do. If someone wants to buy your books, or your products or use your services, they are going to check you out online and see what comes up in the search engines, in reviews, and on social media. 

Use LinkedIn and Your Website for Marketing–You better make sure your LinkedIn profile is terrific, your website is usable and visible on tablets and smartphones as well as desktop and laptop computers. And the reviews about you, your business, your services, your books, need to be really good.

Joan Holman's Online Marketing Efforts Have Generated Millions of Dollars of Revenue for Her Clients.–As one of the first people in the world to do online marketing, in 1995 I secured my own domain name and started developing websites. Since that time, I have worked with numerous business owners and leaders, including authors,  to help them to create an online presence and use the Internet to achieve their goals, and I have educated thousands of people about effective online marketing through numerous speaking engagements and media interviews.

DID YOU KNOW? An effective website that is properly designed for usability, for search engine optimization and for marketing purposes can more than double the conversion rates and lead generation. 

Effective Ways to Use the Internet –Many businesses do not know how to develop and implement effective online marketing strategies and tactics.  Knowing how to create marketing-optimized and search-engine optimized websites, blogs, social media, e-mail and utilize other online resources can jump start your sales and build your business.

Get More Visible Online–To increase your opportunities and your sales, you should be highly visible online in the search engines and in social media. If you are invisible, no one will find you. Unexpected and profitable opportunities can come from online connections and these connections can even change the direction of your life and your business and make the difference between success and failure.

Ninety percent of web users have used search to find out about a product or service.

You must find out what your customers really want, not what you think they want. 

Customers do not always buy what they need; they buy what they want. 

You must manage your online reputation because today customers are in control and they can make or break your reputation and your business. Ninety two percent of U.S. internet users have referred to online customer reviews to help them make a purchase decision. I can help you manage your online reputation and protect your business. (Read the article from Inc. Magazine "You've Been Yelped")

If someone is going to buy your products or services, they must trust you. 

How effective is your website and online presence in general in creating enough trust to make someone willing to do business with you?" 

I work with an international clientele, and most of my work is on a retainer or project basis, however, I am also available on a limited basis for some individual consultations. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we might be able to work together, please feel free to contact me by telephone at 952-595-8888 or e-mailing me at joan (at) holman.com.

To your success,

Joan Holman

P.S. I am a lot of fun to work with!

P.S.S. On the Internet, it is important to have a personality and a point of view, so be personable, be real and be transparent online. Connect with your prospects and clients and customers by developing a relationship with them by using the Internet. You need to build trust and relationships to succeed with your marketing. Share your point of view. Have lots of friendly photos. Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Make people feel like they know you, so they can trust you. 

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