Holman Powertrain

Holman’s one-stop-shop powertrain solutions for OEM parts and logistics minimizes vehicle downtime for large fleet operators, dealership partners, and independent repair facilities. For our OEM partners, we also offer a seamless core collection process.

Power Your Fleet With Our OEM Powertrain

If you have your own garage or you’re responsible for powertrain product sourcing you need a reliable and flexible partner to maximize vehicle uptime. Holman’s comprehensive sourcing model addresses the unique challenges that come with managing fleet maintenance, including replacement engines. We offer top quality engines, transmissions and components for Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, Sprinter, and a variety of international vehicles. We specialize in remanufactured engines to keep your fleet up and running.

Our team will help uncover efficiencies and mitigate operating costs through custom quality OE parts solutions, consistent nationwide pricing, quick nationwide delivery, and centralized warranty processing. Our quality powertrain fleet parts sourcing model was optimized and developed for fleet operators like you.

Don’t stress about the status of your order — we’re here to help.

Quality Products To Get You Back to Business

At Holman, we specialize in repowering van and truck fleets, remanufacturing engines, and motors. We offer a comprehensive line of gas engines, transmissions, and diesel components including pumps and turbos to keep your fleet moving. Our inventory includes OE products, covering the most common fleet applications.

Ford Dealer Services

Holman is the exclusive and award-winning Ford powertrain distributor in the northeast and Great Lakes markets.

Our specialized Ford dealer services include: same or next day delivery, an e-parts portal for online ordering, optional order by phone service (800-257-7418), a full line of new and remanufactured Ford engines, transmissions, and powertrain components, conveniently located warehouses across the nation, and timely core collection and core processing.

Leverage Next-Level Logistics Solutions

Holman has mastered the art of logistics and warehousing to achieve accuracy and operational efficiency for our OEM partners. Equipped with the right technology, infrastructure, and expertise, our logistics and operations teams ensure seamless parts distribution and core collection at a competitive rate. When you partner with Holman and leverage our in-house distribution fleet, you’ll enjoy supply chain optimization, unparalleled responsiveness, and the benefits of our reverse logistics, forward logistics, and warehouse management solutions.

Genuine OE Powertrain Components

Holman Powertrain specializes in providing top-quality new and remanufactured engines, transmissions, and related components for Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (Mopar), Mercedes (Sprinter) applications. Each part we offer is meticulously built to OEM specifications and comes with the full manufacturer’s nationwide warranty, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance.

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“Our experience with Holman Powertrain has been extremely positive and satisfying. We consider ourselves more partners than clients, and feel that our success is as important to the Holman Powertrain team as their own.”

DeAnna Kiel
VP USPS Sales and Service, Wheeler Bros., Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did Holman Acquire Auto Truck?

    Holman announced in March 2022 that the company unified its seven business divisions and companies, including Auto Truck, under the singular global brand name, Holman.

  • Can fleet operators place an order by phone?

    Yes, we can service all of your fleet’s parts needs with a single call. Call 800-257-7418 to get in touch.

  • How long has Holman been distributing fleet parts?

    Holman started distributing fleet parts in 1946 and continues to be a leader in the automotive parts industry today.

  • Does Holman distribute nationwide?

    Yes, we have warehouses strategically placed across the nation to allow for quick delivery to any location.

  • Can you offer my fleet technicians any kind of training?

    Yes, we offer training to help educate your technicians about specific products and the tools available to them.

  • Can you supply parts for any make or model?

    We specialize in repowering truck fleets. Most of the truck fleets in the United States consist of a heavy mix of Ford and GM vehicles, but we also supply most other fleet applications.

  • How quickly can you deliver products to our Ford dealership?

    Holman carries a huge inventory across 7 warehouses that allows us to provide next day delivery in most cases.

  • How does a Ford dealer return the core?

    Holman has RCRC (core recovery) trucks on the road collecting cores for Ford dealers across 17 states with the capability to pick up anything from a headlight to a diesel engine.

  • My import brand dealership gets powertrain parts delivered by the PDC. Why does Ford use Holman to distribute their powertrain products?

    We carry 7 warehouses of Ford powertrain inventory so dealerships can service their customers as quickly as possible. We also provide a team of knowledgeable sales staff dedicated to increasing the sales of Ford dealerships’ powertrain products

  • I like to order my Ford parts using electronic ordering only. Can I do this with you?

    Yes. We have a user-friendly online ordering tool which most of our customers use and find is the best and easiest way to order.

  • I have a few people in my Ford dealership parts department that prefer to talk directly to a salesperson when they order. Is this a service you provide?

    Yes. In addition to an electronic ordering system, we also have staff available by phone. Please call 800-257-7418 to get in touch with our staff.

  • What is the difference between “remanufactured” and “rebuilt”?

    A remanufactured engine is making parts as close to new as possible by taking a part that has been completely manufactured to the standard of a new part, while a rebuilt engine is to recondition and replace worn or broken parts.

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