Wire Reel Holder - 5 Spindle


Tame those wire reels

Organize 5 spools in this convenient roll out holder from Holman

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Weight 18.00 lbs Install Time (per one technician): 0.2 hr
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5 Spindle Wire Reel Holder

The Wire/Cable Reel Holder organizes spools allowing convenient wire roll out. Five removable roller bars provides easy access to wire spools up to 12 in diameter. Reel holder can be mounted to any vertical flat surface or bolt on to a Holman Shelving system for access through rear door.


  • 28" H x 15.3" W x 5.2" D
  • 5x rotation roll bar included
  • Adjustable spacing
  • Fits up to 3 x 12 diameter cable spool or 5 x smaller cable spool
  • Optimizes space
  • Holman Warranty

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

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