Pivot Pro Rotating Rear Wheel Well - GM, Transit


Organize your van and get to your supplies easily with the Pivot Pro

The Pivot Pro Rotating Wheel Well provides easy, secure and compact access to tools and supplies for your cargo van.

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Weight: 49.00 lbs Install Time: 0.8 hr
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Pivot Pro Rotating Rear Wheel Well

Pivot Pro 3 Long Drawer unit rotating wheel well stand.

The product includes plus nuts required for installation. Consider purchasing our Plus Nut Tool (#P9902) if you don’t already have a plus nut installation tool.


  • 250 lb load capacity for EACH drawer
  • Designed to support up to 750 lb. Rotates slightly so drawers clear van's rear door jam in GM full size vans.
  • Heavy-duty ball and roller bearings ensure smooth stable rotation
  • Stand s positive stops lock cabinets in either rotated and non-rotated positions
  • Unit includes one 11 deep drawer and two 5 deep drawers

Vehicle Fit

  • Chevy Express
  • GMC Savanna
  • Ford Transit

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

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