Partition Kit - Perforated - Transit Low Roof


Keep your van secure and protect your cab

Holman Partitions provide security and safety while remaining quiet and strong

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Weight: 79.00 lbs Install Time: 0.8 hr
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Partition Wing Kit - Transit Low Roof
Partition - Perforated - Transit & NV Low Roof, GM, Metris
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Perforated Partition KitÂ- Ford Transit Low Roof

The Perforated Partition provides security for the cargo area and protects valuable tools and cargo.
Includes wing kit.

The product includes plus nuts required for installation. Consider purchasing our Plus Nut Tool (#P9902) if you don’t already have a plus nut installation tool.


  • 18 gauge steel, hemmed and embossed to provide extra strength, security and reduce noise.
  • Corner contoured to prevent reaching in from the cab to unlock side door.
  • Optional tight compression center panel door latch handle and lock kit (#40620)
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Matte powder coating minimizes glare and resists scratches and chipping.
  • Multiple partition attachment points and rubber cushioned door frame prevents noise.
  • Holman Warranty

Vehicle Fit:

Ford Transit Low Roof Â

To download the assembly and installation instructions:


Wing Kit

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