The Pro Rack Window Guard (Use with 12004W or 70023) - White


Protect your rear cab window from accidental cargo damage.

Keep your rear window protected with this Holman Window Guard for Pro II racks

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Weight 11.00 lbs Install Time (per two technicians): 0.5 hr
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Window Guard for Pro II - Service Body Racks

Protects rear cab window. Fits PRO II Racks utilizing the 70023 Legs & Bars only.

Made from reinforced 16 gauge rolled steel. Will not work with camper shell applications. Fits PRO II for service body only. This item protects rear cab window and prevents the truck bed from spreading apart under heavy loads.


  • Made from reinforced 16 gauge rolled steel
  • White painted finish
  • Holman Warranty

Compatible Products

  • 70023 - Pro II Heavy Duty Legs & Bars - Service Bodies - White
  • 78023 - Pro II Service Body Rack - Extended Cab - 8' Body - White

  • 78123 - Pro II Service Body Rack - Standard Cab - 8' Body - White

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