Cargo Case Shelf Cabinet with 4 Small Cargo Cases


Keep your small parts secure and mobile

The 4 Small Cargo Case Steel Shelf Cabinet mounts easily to Holman shelving, making it easy to grab and take your small parts with you.

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Weight: 6.00 lbs Install Time: 0.2 hr
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4 Small Cargo Case Steel Shelf Cabinet (includes Cargo Cases)

4 tote shelf rack mounts to all Holman shelving units to create additional organized storage spaces. Custom fitted to stay securely in place. Includes 4 Small Cargo Cases (#40350)


  • Designed to hold up to 4 x 40350 Small Cargo Cases
  • Shelf Cabinet Dimenision : 15 1/2 W x 12 H x 14 D
  • Durable construction with 4 slots
  • 4 x Model 40350 Plastic Totes are included

To download the assembly and installation instructions:

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