EV Fleet Integration

Learn how Holman's EV Consulting Managers create a phased transition plan that ensures continuous fleet performance improvement.

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    EV Fleet Integration Webinar

    Simplifying Your Path Towards Sustainability

    Where to begin comes with a lot of uncertainty, but with our EV Consultants team we’ll keep your fleet moving forward in its transition to electric without disrupting your operation.

    Securing the Right Vehicles

    We ensure these vehicles fit within your operations and can do the job you need them to do.

    Prioritizing Overall Energy Management

    We’ll help you select the right charging programs and locations for your operations and budget.

    Reporting Progress on your EV Implementation

    Easy access to all of the vehicle data, charging data, and much more in one convenient place.

    Chelsea Horne, Manager - EV Consulting

    Since joining Holman in 2018, Chelsea has played an integral role in the company’s sustainability strategy. In her role as Manager of EV Consulting, she consults with fleet operators on a wide range of emissions reduction strategies and leads a team of specialists who streamline and simplify the electrification journey for Holman’s fleet customers.

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