Are You An Author Looking for A Trusted Professional to Help You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book? 


“When you are feeling lost and overwhelmed by the world wide web of self-publishing, when you are looking for that one person to help guide your work and get your book ‘out there’, when you are hoping for a coach who can take the lead in your book marketing and promotion, Joan Holman is the one to call." Lori Dennis, MA, RP

"Joan is a pleasure to work with, has a strong and diverse background in the field, and is highly intuitive to boot. She has been by my side for months now, helping me to birth my book and raise it through its infancy. Having Joan by my side has been a huge comfort and a great asset on this journey. You never know how your book will break through but it’s critical to have a cheerleader, a believer and a skilled book marketing guru and publicist by your side to provide you with great ideas and guidance while your book takes off and takes on a life of its own.”–Lori Dennis, MA, RP, Registered Psychotherapist, Speaker, Author of Lyme Madness– www.loridennisonline.com –(Lori’s website was developed by Joan Holman)


“Dear Joan- You are truly a wonderful woman! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, which I trust! You have been an invaluable resource to help me with all aspects of self-publishing my book.” - "After working with Joan just a short time, I realized I needed her wonderful professional advice earlier on my publishing journey. Thank goodness I started working with her when I did, because she suggested many very important changes to my book, which are going to make it much more marketable." Lorraine Hall 

Front Cover

"Joan Created A Front & Back Book Cover that Pulls & Hooks ReadersJoan moved my sub-title to title and created a new compelling sub-title, together they covey a strong message to target my ideal audience. We discussed the value of keeping Sally, an original painting of mine, which conveys the innocence of a child, for the front cover. Joan designed a stunning book cover, with excellent marketing-focused back cover copy that will pull and hook readers. She recommended that I get a Foreword by someone who is well known and respected in the field of healing from childhood trauma. Joan also made some valuable suggestions in her developmental editing of my manuscript. 

She has also advised me about the publishing process and warned me about scam artists who might try to take advantage of myself and my book, being published. Joan has excellent writing skills, design skills, and incredible knowledge about the publishing industry. She has really gone the extra mile to give me extraordinary service. And she really cares about me and my mission and the value of my book in helping me achieve it. 

My mission statement is providing a strong message of HOPE, KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS for Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Abuse.

–Lorraine Hall, Artist, Author & Teacher – Author of Our Little Secret


“Joan Holman has been a tremendous help to me in designing, publishing, and marketing my book ‘Sidetracks.’ She also created a great website for me at www.mysidetracks.com"

I am a complete novice in this business and could not have had a successful launch without her watchful eye and expertise. I found Joan to be “Bone Honest” in all my dealings with her. She is an excellent communicator, she knows what has to be done, when it has to be done, and does it quickly. I highly recommend Joan!”

Gary Oberg, BME, PE, Founder, Spectralytics, Inc.


JOAN WORKS WITH AUTHORS WHO WRITE BOOKS IN A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT CATEGORIES:  Business •  Children’s • Spirituality • Healing • Travel • Biography & Memoir • Psychology • Women’s Issues •  Inspirational •  Motivational • Self-Help • Metaphysics • Leadership • InnovationYoung Adult Fantasy • Literary Fiction • Self-Help




WRITING, BOOK DEVELOPMENT, BOOK COVER DESIGN, PUBLISHING MANAGEMENT, BOOK MARKETINGJoan Holman authored Hands That Touch, Hands That Heal, the biography of renowned massage pioneer Sister Rosalind Gefre (who has been featured in Time Magazine). Joan designed the book cover, managed the publication of the book, and provided book marketing services. 

"I could hardly believe how Joan Holman was able to write a biography of my life in a way that so accurately reflected my own voice. I was amazed at how well she presented my life experiences as well as my personal inner life, and so many people have told me that reading that book has changed their lives."  Sister Rosalind Gefre



AUTHOR WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT-- Joan Holman has developed author and book websites for a number of clients including authors Buck MacDonald, Carol Ann Bartz, Claude Roessiger, Dr. Oneeka Williams, Dr. Melissa Nelson, Lori Dennis, MA, RP, and many others.




JOAN HOLMAN IS A BRANDING & DOMAIN NAME STRATEGISTNaming, branding and domain name selection are Joan Holman’s sweetspot. JOAN CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR BOOK TITLE, BOOK SUBTITLE AND AUTHOR BRAND DEVELOPMENT. Joan developed the Type A Tribe brand identity for Kay Cannon, a Master Certified Coach and Founder of a successful Consultancy in working with highly motivated Type A executives .


JOAN WORKS WITH TOP LEADERS & AN INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE– Joan works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders in business, education, healing, spirituality, and women’s issues. She was a consultant to Thandiwe Peebles, the Superintendent of the Minneapolis Public Schools (see photo to left) whom she advised about communications, media relations, public affairs, and the re-design of the MPS website.


TELEVISION & FILM PRODUCTION– Joan created and produced the award-winning PBS television program THE LEGACY OF ACHIEVEMENT, featured in Success Magazine, and was instrumental in establishing Hollywood feature film production in Minnesota. JOAN WORKS WITH AUTHORS TO DEVELOP THEIR BOOKS FOR TELEVISION AND FILM AND CURRENTLY HAS SOME BOOKS THAT ARE BEING DEVELOPED INTO HOLLYWOOD FILM PROJECTS (www.projectarkbook.com and www.thebelieverbook.com)

JOAN HOLMAN MENTORED BY TOP MARKETING GURU JAY ABRAHAMJoan's marketing mentor Jay Abraham says: "Marketing is the most important lucrative element of business."  Jay is one of the world's top marketing consultants and he has significantly increased the bottom lines of more than 10,000 clients in over 400 industries worldwide.


"Joan Holman's knowledge about marketing on the Internet is AMAZING!"

Kris Solie-Johnson, President, American Institute of Small Business


Joan Holman Is the Founder of Two LinkedIn Groups:

Self Publishing Zone and Women Empowering Women


A Message from Joan Holman,

Since 1995 I have been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, publishers, authors, and professionals use the Internet for business success. My business has narrowed its focus in the past several years to primarily work with authors on the development and promotion of their books. Among my services are:

  • Branding & Online Marketing for Authors
  • Thought Leadership through Books 
  • Book Titles & Domain Name Selection
  • Book Cover Design
  • Author & Book Websites
  • Social Media & Search Engine Marketing
  • Self Publishing | ebooks and print
  • Ghostwriting & Book Development

In Today’s Online World, Online Visibility and Your Author Credibility Are Crucial to Your Success.– If someone wants to buy your books, they are going to check you out online and see what comes up in the search engines, in reviews, and on social media. Be sure to build a positive online reputation and take advantage of such websites as LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter to build a footprint for yourself online. 

Put Your Focus on Online Marketing–As one of the first people in the world to do online marketing, in 1995 I secured my own domain name and started developing websites. Since that time, I have worked with numerous business owners and leaders, including authors,  to help them to create an online presence and use the Internet to achieve their goals, and I have educated thousands of people about effective online marketing through numerous speaking engagements and media interviews.

Effective Ways to Use the Internet –Most authors do not know how to develop and implement effective online marketing strategies and tactics.  Knowing how to create marketing-optimized and search-engine optimized websites, blogs, social media, e-mail and utilize other online resources can make all the difference with the success of your book.

Get More Visible Online & Make Your Book Stand Out From the Crowd–To optimize your book marketing, you should be highly visible online in the search engines and in social media. If you are invisible, no one will find you. You must make your book discoverable online, and make it stand out in some way, and that starts with having a great book cover and a great book title!  It also involves having a strategy for your book and knowing how to target the best audience for your book.

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