Holman Upfitting Services

Your fleet is most valuable when it’s designed and built for your unique business needs and on the road—not in the shop. Holman’s single, comprehensive supply chain ensures that your fleet vehicles are delivered on your timeline and ready for work.

Custom Bodies Tailored for Your Fleet

Fleet vehicles custom-tailored for the job help your team to be more efficient and contribute to a positive customer experience. Equip your team with the right tools to get the job done correctly, safely, and on time every time. Our custom bodies are built to exceed industry standards for safety, productivity, and durability in the field.

Every Holman upfit solution is customizable to the precise work needs of each unit in the field and includes versatile drawers and storage components to optimize organization. Unlock your fleet’s potential and explore our range of vehicle upfitting solutions.

An upfitting truck specialized for railroads on a track

Service & Mechanics Bodies

When your team is completing a project and serving customers, you don’t want anything to slow them down. Holman’s trucks tailored for frontline service providers and mechanics are true mobile workshops as versatile as your technicians. Our team will customize your specs to meet the precise needs of every unit in the field. Ample external storage keeps your equipment and tools safe and secure, while allowing your team to quickly access them without having to climb into the truck bed.

For mechanics, add your choice of crane type, lighting and other options such as welders, generators, and compressors. Our mechanics trucks are built to exceed your expectations for safety, productivity, and durability in the field.

Platform & Gooseneck Bodies

Our incredibly versatile platform bodies are ready for any hauling application. And when you need extra capacity to move heavy equipment, our gooseneck bodies provide ample storage and superior functionality. 

Whether you’re delivering construction materials to a job site or moving large commercial equipment between locations, you need a platform hauler that transports payloads safely and efficiently. From simple flatbeds to multi-functional specialty platforms, our lineup of platform bodies offers a configuration for virtually every vocational hauling application.

When your technicians in the field need specialized heavy equipment and machinery to help get the job done, our gooseneck bodies combine reliability, functionality, and convenience to meet the rigorous demands of your business. Our gooseneck body positions the payload weight over the rear axle, allowing you to carry more weight while also maximizing trailer stability and safety. We combine the superior hauling capabilities of a gooseneck with the storage options of a service body, giving your technicians an innovative solution that’s ready to tackle any job.

Dump Bodies

Holman’s rugged dump bodies are built to take the pounding of shifting loads of loose material. Trucks operating in harsh work environments, such as the construction, masonry, and landscaping industries, need a rugged dump body capable of delivering safe, reliable performances. With our comprehensive lineup of durable dump bodies for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, we have the dump body you need to get the job done right.

Innovative features, such as quick-release drop sides and multi-function tailgates enable faster loading and unloading to maximize productivity. High-strength steel construction meets your performance and durability demands while ensuring unsurpassed stability in any commercial application. Finally, dependable hoists allow you to effortlessly dump even the heaviest load with precision.

Light-Duty Truck & Van Upfitting Solution

Transform your light-duty trucks and vans into mobile workshops that are ready for any job site. Get the most out of your light-duty trucks with commercial grade cargo solutions to organize and protect the tools of trade. If you need a van organizer, partitions, bulkheads, shelving, drawers and more, we will fully customize your vans to ensure you’re making the best use of every last inch of space.

a person kneeling down in an upfitted light-duty van

Streamline Your Supply Chain

From initial truck design to maintenance and management, our optimized supply chain provides unmatched speed, quality, and reliability. We design custom upfitting solutions to your precise specifications, then pair them with the chassis of your choice. Our skilled artisans fabricate, paint, and quality check every component rigorously to ensure that your fleet can meet every challenge it faces.

Holman has 12 locations across North America that align with the major OEMs to minimize delivery times, and we offer ship-thru service to expedite the entire vehicle upfitting process. We also offer full-service title and licensing services so your vehicles are ready to work once they arrive. You’ll have access to real time status reporting throughout the entire process.

Fleet Upfitting Service Locations

Holman serves the continental United States and Canada with fifteen service centers and ship-thru service with four of the top OEM manufacturers.

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Upfit Your Fleet to Meet Your Needs

From tailored bodies to shelving, cabinets, drawers, and equipment, choose from modular or custom-fabricated efficiency solutions to make your vehicles work for you.


“From design all the way through to installation, Holman made it easy to build the right solution for our trucks for the job site on time and on budget. I can’t say enough good things about the process.”

Holman Customer


Leveraging the Power of Visibility in Supply Chain Management

The faster your vehicles go into service, the sooner they are supporting your objectives. Learn how a fleet vehicle supply chain that is streamlined from end to end through integrated data and processes brings visibility and control to supply chain management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is upfitting?

    Upfitting is the process of customizing an existing vehicle with equipment and/or augmentations that enable it to more efficiently serve a specialized function in the field.

  • What types of fleet upfitting does Holman support?

    From custom orders to entire fleets, Holman designs, manufactures and installs equipment for a wide variety of customers, trades, and industries. We have solutions for service bodies, mechanics bodies, platform bodies, dump bodies, gooseneck bodies, light-duty trucks, and vans.

  • What industries does Holman upfit for?

    Holman manufactures solutions for a wide range of industries and trades . If you don’t see your industry listed below, contact our experts  and we can work with you on a customized solution tailored to your business.

  • Why should I work with Holman to upfit my fleet?

    For nearly a century, our family-owned business has been providing automotive services with a commitment to doing the right thing for our customers, our employees, and our community. Driving What’s Right is at the heart of everything we do. No team in North America can design, customize, deliver, and manage vehicles like Holman. We have a single supply chain that puts custom, work-ready vehicles on the road quickly and reliably. We will work alongside you to ensure a smooth process from start to finish, so that your vehicles work exactly how you need them to, on time and on budget.

  • How can I work with Holman to upfit my fleet?

    We would love to work with you to find the solutions that can best equip your vehicle for the job. Visit our “Contact Us” page to get started.

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