Charge Management

Planning, implementing, and managing your charging solution for your EV  fleet.

EV Charging Management

Holman’s EV Charge Management programs and solutions eliminate the hassle and concern of charging your fleet’s electric vehicles. With our advanced technology and expertise, we streamline the charging process, ensuring your vehicles are charged when needed, with the convenience of monitoring them from a single place.

The benefits of EV charging management can be measured in the following ways:

  • Increased uptime for EVs: Properly charged EVs are less likely to break down, saving money on maintenance and repairs.
  • Employee confidence: Reduce range anxiety for employees through an effective charging strategy.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: You’re contributing to a sustainable future.
  • Energy management: Make this new electric fuel spend more predictable.

Home Charging Solutions

We provide turnkey support for the ordering and installation of home chargers. When vehicles are charged at home, charging data is aggregated into Holman Insights, providing you with a complete vision of your charging assets. This advanced technology streamlines the charging process, ensuring your vehicles are ready to hit the road when needed.

Direct to Driver Reimbursement for Home Energy

Simplify the process of reimbursing drivers for charging their company vehicles at home. Our driver reimbursement program accurately measures electricity usage and calculates reimbursement payments based on your driver’s home electricity rate. Holman handles all the payment of drivers, removing all administrative burden off of you. Simple as flicking a switch.

EV Depot Management

For vehicles who stay at a depot overnight, we can procure chargers and oversee the installation of infrastructure, all while consolidating billing through Holman. From monitoring charging status to optimizing energy usage, our Depot Management Program integrates charging data directly into Holman Insights. The dashboard optimizes charging schedules, monitors charging performance, and associates charging session costs for each vehicle.

Convenience of Workplace Charging Program

We procure and install charging units and feed session data into Holman Insights for you to monitor the utilization of your assets. Consolidated monthly billing of your equipment and installation simplifies charges. Provide the convenience of charging at work to your employees.

Holman Charge-Thru Program

Holman Charge-Thru Program eases drivers’ range anxiety and concerns with the ease of locating and paying for public charging with Holman’s Driver App. All at their fingertips, your drivers will quickly find public charging stations, payment flows through Holman on your fuel bill, and you’ll obtain consolidated charging and transactional data.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Knowing what to do next can be challenging. Understanding what others are asking can help bridge the gap and make the best decisions for your fleet.

    • What’s the most efficient way to manage my charging infrastructure?

      If you are managing an EV fleet, there are a few things you can do to optimize your charging management. The first is choosing the right chargers: many different types of EV chargers are available. We can help you choose the chargers that are right for your fleet’s needs.

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    • Will a charge management program integrate billing into a single place?

      All charging data from the vehicle is gathered into a single place providing you vision into your billing and electric fuel spending. By monitoring your vehicle charging data collectively, you are able to claim that spend as diversity spend, providing additional value to your business.

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    • Is home charging a feasible fleet management solution?

      Having drivers charge their vehicles at home is an effective way to ensure vehicles are fully charged and available. With Holman’s Home Charging program, when drivers charge their vehicles at home, their charging data is aggregated into Holman Insights tool.

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