Driver Training

Our comprehensive course put the keys to EV driving in your drivers’ hands.

EV Driver Training

Electric vehicle use is growing, and so is the need for EV driver training. Holman’s online safety training programs ensure drivers know how to handle various situations when driving, parking, or charging their vehicles. Our three-part course covers critical pieces of information your drivers should know:

  • Module 1: EV Safety
  • Module 2: Maximizing EV Battery Range
  • Module 3: Proper Charging

Holman’s EV training is supplemented by a broad catalog of online driver training modules covering a wide range of topics. Whether your drivers need guidance on how to charge their electric vehicle or operate it safely, our training program guides them through the proper steps.

Benefits of EV Driver Training

Holman’s EV Driver Training engages your team in safely and efficiently operating their electric vehicles. Our training course covers all the facets your drivers need to handle their vehicles effectively, from safety awareness to charging procedures.

How Our EV Driver Training Works

Our three-part training course includes interactive exercises and activities for your drivers to learn the material and assess their comprehension. Drivers are quizzed on what they’ve learned at the end of each module and earn a digital certificate upon completion.

Getting Started with Holman’s EV Driver Training

Many fleet drivers are unfamiliar with the intricacies of EVs, such as charging, maximizing range, and various driving situations such as one pedal driving. We’ll get your drivers on the fast-track with our training topics. Our EV is an interactive course for a truly engaging learning experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Knowing what to do next can be challenging. Understanding what others are asking can help bridge the gap and make the best decisions for your fleet.

    • How long does EV driver training take?

      The EV Driver Training course is delivered online and can be completed at your driver’s own pace. The course comprises three learning modules: safety, battery range, and charging. Holman can send the appropriate training modules to you so your drivers can better operate their new electric vehicles.

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    • Is EV training beneficial to drivers?

      With drivers still unfamiliar with the intricacies of EVs, training courses are beneficial. Our training course covers all facets your drivers need to handle their vehicles effectively, from safety awareness to charging procedures.

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