Security Fleet Industry Solutions

When it comes to security, Holman doesn’t compromise. We help security companies to keep our communities safe and secure with our dedicated support and custom solutions to ensure you have the exact right vehicle for the important work you do.

Security Fleet Solutions to Optimize Your Security Business

Your business is essential to keeping our communities protected from the unthinkable, so it’s important to have the right vehicles to do the job. With decades of experience supporting security fleets, Holman upfits vehicles to securely transfer valuables, outfits customized vans that function as mobile tool boxes for security system installers, and helps security patrol fleets stay on the move while keeping costs low. Our team of security fleet experts can help you design, spec and finance the best vehicles for the important work you do, while ensuring return on investment.


Small Business Solutions

When your team’s focus needs to be on their customers’ security, you want their work vehicles to contribute to that focus, not distract from it. Holman can help you design security work vehicles built for the task, so that job equipment and tools are ready for action. Working with Holman, fleet management becomes less of a distraction, allowing your vehicles to drive more productivity for your small business.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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