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From fleet management and productivity solutions to upfitting, fabrication, and insurance, Holman has the integrated automotive services expertise to keep your business moving.



With a strategic solution that works for you and your business, you can unlock revenue-generating opportunities and begin managing your fleet as an investment.


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Holman's fleet expertise covers nearly every vertical industry. No matter your field, we can meet your fleet challenges head on.

Solutions By Industry

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Every company has its own unique set of challenges and considerations when it comes to fleet management. Holman offers customizable solutions to fit your needs.

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We have a lot to share. Browse our resources library for current insights, data, strategies, and success stories from our own experts in their respective fields.


About Us

When Holman was founded nearly a century ago, we set something positive in motion. Our consistent focus on people and our commitment to integrity make us who we are today.


Managing Downtime and Driver Productivity

Learn how using advanced analytics to track and cut fleet vehicle downtime can lower your costs and losses.

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Simply put, it costs you plenty when a driver can’t use their fleet vehicle. Unexpected downtime due to mechanical problems and accidents results in hard costs to your fleet that can be easily measured (ex. towing, repairs and rentals). The soft costs, such as lost productivity and revenue, can have a significant impact on your entire organization as well.

Finding a way to track and limit the amount of downtime through proper preventive maintenance, advanced data analytics and proactive downtime tracking lowers your overall day-to-day operating costs.

It also controls a vehicle’s total cost of ownership and your organization’s overall bottom line.