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Identifying and Correcting Poor Driver Behavior

Learn how real-time data and analytics can help you better identify at-risk fleet vehicle drivers.


Managing drivers can be as complex as managing your fleet vehicles. Some will immediately follow your rules, while others will require more attention. Can you spot the poor performers before costly collisions tell you who they are? Your organization faces risk every time one of your employees gets behind the wheel to conduct business. Risky or poor driving behavior can lead to an increase in accidents, additional wear and tear on vehicles, and fuel inefficiencies. Furthermore, others can perceive your drivers’ actions as representative of your organization’s values and brand reputation

Recent developments in real-time data management and analytics can help you better identify at-risk drivers in need of training and remediation.

You can take advantage of easy-to-visualize risk indicators to better monitor MVR infractions, driver risk levels, fuel usage and data points from telematics that identify critical behavior. The benefit: you can quickly pinpoint who needs help and where to apply immediate training actions to prevent drivers from harming themselves or others, or damaging your company’s reputation.

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